Top Tips from Professional Ballerinas for Staying in Shape ...


Top  Tips from Professional Ballerinas for Staying in Shape ...
Top  Tips from Professional Ballerinas for Staying in Shape ...

If you think being thin and in shape go hand in hand, think again. Professional ballerinas work hard at staying in shape on a daily basis. From the early hours of their waking to the wee hours of the night, health is literally their life. And even though they appear to just be thin, what lies beneath is someone that is really strong and muscular. They perform exercises, eat healthy and live a lifestyle to support the incredible shape that they are in. So if you want to get in better shape, embody the tips from professional ballerinas starting today! There is no reason you cannot be ballet beautiful if you follow these tips too!

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Make Salad the Main Meal

Instead of filling up on empty carbs that can cause you to gain weight, make salad or a clear broth soup your main meal. This will help you to boost your metabolism and slim down. And this will eliminate your afternoon carb crash. If you want to see definition in your body, you must consume a healthy diet that reflects this.


Drink up

H2O is most certainly the way to go if you want to be in your best shape because water speeds up the digestive process. Consume 8-10 glasses of water a day to eliminate bloating and help your body perform at its tip top shape.


Exercise Everyday

Getting in your best shape is all about staying consistent so it is ultra-important to exercise every single day. And I do not mean a leisurely stroll in the park. You need to work hard and finish your 30 minute to one hour workout covered in sweat. Burn baby burn so you can be on your way to becoming ballet beautiful!


Know Products That Are Healthy

Knowing that two plates of pasta will do little for your waist other than bloat you will help you to skip these unnecessary carbs. High carbohydrate consumption will put you in a food coma and have you feeling super tired. Instead have whole grains like quinoa and lean protein like chicken for a healthy meal that nourishes your body!


Stand Tall

If you want to look 10 pounds lighter and feel like you have the world at your fingertips, stand tall like a ballerina. Some ballerinas practice by walking balancing an apple on their head. They have such impressive posture that they can usually perform this without hesitation.


Increase Your Veggie Intake

Speed up your digestive tract and slim down by increasing your veggie consumption. Consuming 4 to 5 servings of veggies a day will have you feeling stronger, slimmer and will also eliminate mood swings you would have by consuming too many carbs. You will be on your way to being ballet beautiful!


Switch It up

Ballerinas switch up their routines so they are not bored of their workout. Instead of daily workout monotony, they switch it up to try something new and as a result, they are never bored and unhappy with their fitness routine. Try it yourself and alternate your workouts regularly!

So beautiful, are you ready to put these tips into action so that you can see results? Then get up, get moving and be the person you always dreamed of being. You deserve to be in your best shape and be ballet beautiful!

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