Girl's Guide to a Perkier Butt and Tighter Thighs Just from Running ...


Girl's Guide to a Perkier Butt and Tighter Thighs Just from Running ...
Girl's Guide to a Perkier Butt and Tighter Thighs Just from Running ...

Running is a super calorie torcher that can reshape your body from your head to your toe. The main difference you will see from your added miles is the larger muscle groups looking toned and tight. And if you switch up your routine, your jeans will fit better from your perkier butt and tight, toned thighs. So lace up your running kicks and get outside for a super effective calorie torching workout. I promise you won’t regret it because you will achieve ultra-amazing results in a matter of miles!

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Run up the Hills

Pump your arms and head up those hills for a metabolic boosting workout. You will work your larger and smaller muscle groups from a hill workout so learn to love hills. If you perform hill repeats, you will have a short rest of jogging in between and then repeat for 6-8 times depending upon your fitness level. Get ready for great results from your hilly runs!


Pick up the Pace

Pick up the pace and run with all your might so you can earn incredible results. Taking it easy is for the chumps because you deserve amazing results. So instead of waiting for results, pick up the pace and earn them, starting today. Remember you get out what you put in so give it all you got!


Explore the Sights

There is nothing better than checking out the sights on foot in a run. As you run, you will get to check out a different area while feeling empowered that you experienced this all on a run. So be a running explorer and you will see amazing results in your lower half from your efforts!


Run with Your Tikes

Use your little ones for resistance by running with a stroller. This extra weight will surely feel tough when going up a hill but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. You will achieve tighter, perkier glutes and feel pretty strong as a result!


Open Your Stride

Open your stride and run like you are 6 feet tall so you can run more efficiently and target your lower half. With every strike of your foot, you will feel the muscles you are targeting, so go ahead and do your thing!


Add Some Weight

Want to know what it would feel like running with an extra 15 or 20 pounds? Well it would most definitely challenge you and will help you to build lean muscle that boosts your metabolism. So invest in a weighted vest to wear as you run. This will help you to tone your lower half and keep you from picking up that bag of chips, because you would not want to gain that weight for sure!


Break up the Boredom

Pick up the pace and sprint for 1 minute, then jog it out for 30 seconds. Alternate your speed to have an effective workout that works. If you want great results, you have to push yourself and aim to break up the boredom so you are continually challenged. Variety is the spice of life in all areas, but especially when it comes to running!

With these effective tips to run for your perkier butt and tighter thighs, get up and get going to earn this. With every mile, you may feel like smiling knowing you are on your way to great results!

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