High-Impact Workouts for Girls Who Want Amazing Results within 2 Weeks ...


High-Impact Workouts for Girls Who Want Amazing Results within 2 Weeks ...
High-Impact Workouts for Girls Who Want Amazing Results within 2 Weeks ...

If you want to bump up the intensity and achieve amazing fitness and health results, perform one of these high impact workouts every day. Combine this with a healthy eating plan and you are bound to achieve incredible results in just 2 weeks. When you hit 2 weeks do not stop, but do add repetitions and repeat. You can be in your very best shape; all it takes is to get up, get moving and take control of your life! These are my favorite high impact workouts.

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Lunges and Planks Are Incredible

Lunges and the plank are amazing exercises that can truly transform your physique when combined with a healthy nutrition plan. To make the most out of these exercises, it is essential to engage or tighten the muscles you are working. Perform 3 sets of 18 lunges and 3 sets of a one-minute plank for ultimate results. If you are not able to perform this just yet, no worries, you can always build up to more. Watch this video as I guide you to proper form!


Bump It up with Some Burpees

Okay, so maybe burpees are not your favorite exercise just yet. When you realize the incredible results you can achieve from this amazing exercise, this may become your new fave! Burpees boost your metabolism, increase your heart rate and are a great calorie torcher. So follow along with me in this video and make it your goal to work up to 3 sets of 18 followed by a 3-mile run. In 2 weeks, you will be in sensational shape!


Pick up the Intensity

Try out this 25-minute high-intensity workout to pick up the intensity and push more. In a high-intensity workout like this you challenge yourself and your heart rate. Then you have a short period of rest, then repeat. This challenge will make you feel sweaty and super accomplished, so get to it!


Burn That Belly Fat

With 20 seconds on and 10 seconds of rest three times through for all exercises in this video, you will be sure to feel the burn. These exercises will work your total body, particularly your core. So get focused and get ready to work your body to the max and in as little as 2 weeks, you will see the difference!


Super Starburst

Perform this super military exercise that will work your total body and have you in super shape in no time. This exercise is a plyometric exercise that will work your core and help you to reshape your physique. Finish this exercise with a several mile run to get in your best shape!


Inner and Outer Thigh Focus

This 13-minute video is short but certainly a sweet and sweaty way to work out. This video will help you to get in shape as you stay inspired by the toning reality star. There are many unique ways to work your lower body and isolate both your inner and outer thighs, so follow along to get in your best shape! Two weeks to your best shape!


7-Minute Abs

It's seven minutes to stardom with this sun kissed workout. This video will show you some non-traditional ways to target your abdominal muscles. Get in summer shape by eating healthy and following along with this video for one day a week. In 2 weeks you will see super results, so put that body in motion as you watch this video by the ocean!

Now that you have so many great workouts, get going and perform one each day. Remember, every step that you take is one step closer to achieving your fitness and health goals!

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