High-Impact Workouts ⚡️ for Girls Who Want Amazing Results within 2 Weeks 💪🌟 ...

If you want to bump up the intensity and achieve amazing fitness and health results, perform one of these high impact workouts every day. Combine this with a healthy eating plan and you are bound to achieve incredible results in just 2 weeks. When you hit 2 weeks do not stop, but do add repetitions and repeat. You can be in your very best shape; all it takes is to get up, get moving and take control of your life! These are my favorite high impact workouts.

1. Lunges and Planks Are Incredible

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Lunges and the plank are amazing exercises that can truly transform your physique when combined with a healthy nutrition plan. To make the most out of these exercises, it is essential to engage or tighten the muscles you are working. Perform 3 sets of 18 lunges and 3 sets of a one-minute plank for ultimate results. If you are not able to perform this just yet, no worries, you can always build up to more. Watch this video as I guide you to proper form!

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