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You Won't Believe the Awesome Benefits of Doing a Headstand Every Day ...

By Tara

The headstand is known as the ultimate exercise for yoga enthusiasts. This is an exercise that so many focus on mastering for this very reason. From better skin, thinking clearer to a more developed core, headstands can benefit you in so many incredible ways. This is a recipe for bettered health, especially when performed every single day. And countless health benefits can transform your life for the better. So stop sitting there and wasting the moments that matter most, get up and work on your headstand form so you can make the most out of your fitness and health!

1 Defy Age

Want a face lift without the invasive surgery? No problem, perform a headstand to bring all the nutrients in your body to your face and reverse the sagging that comes with age. You deserve to age gracefully and have youthful skin that goes along with this so work on your headstand today! You will so glad that you did.

2 Delay the Gray

Get in a headstand to delay the onset of gray. Early grays can come on as early teenage years due to genetics. But gray early, no more! Headstands bring nutrients to your scalp which studies show can offset the bringing on of gray hair. So stand on your head and reverse age starting today. Some yogis swear by this practice so much they claim it can turn your gray hair back to black.

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3 Impress Your Friends

You will definitely be the talk of town or highlight of a party when you break out your headstand. It may sound silly but people will actually be super impressed. It takes focus, strength and stamina to perform a headstand, so get to it! Impress your friends with your fancy, fierce moves.

4 Become More Regular

Get in headstand position so you can get on a regular schedule of visiting the bathroom because this exercise promotes healthy digestion. By balancing your body, you will stimulate your colon and as a result speed up the digestive tract. This will increase your metabolism as a result and help you slim down while shaping up. With so many reasons to perform a headstand it is most definitely time for you to work on this!

5 Reduce Depression

Did you know that adrenal glands are released and flushed when you perform headstands? So getting in this position can reduce your risk of depression and turn that frown upside down. So get in position and work to get the ultimate body changing results!

6 Eliminate Your Risk of a Stroke

Studies show people that perform headstands on a regular basis significantly lower their risk of a stroke. Save your life by simply performing this ultra-effective move on the daily. It will be totally worth it because this can seriously better your health!

7 Say Goodbye to Unsightly Veins

Headstands are proven to decrease edema (swelling) and lower the risk of varicose veins. If you are prone to unsightly veins due to genetics it is super important to start performing this exercise. Perform headstands for sexier legs minus the marks of veins. When donning a dress at your next party, you will be so thankful you did!

With so many awesome benefits, it is time for you to focus on performing a headstand each and every day!

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