These 22 Exercises Will Help You Say Bye-bye to Back Fat Bra Bulge ...

By Jennifer

Sure, we all want excellent posture and to be free from back pain, but I confess, I'm mostly interested in losing that little bulge under my bra strap, the back's equivalent of muffin top. Either way, I'll gathered a list of exercises and routines that'll finally rid us of the back fat menace. To see an image up-close, just give it a tap.

1 Move 1: Incline Chest Fly & Press

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2 Move 2: Mountain Climbers

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3 Move 3: Straight Triceps Kickbacks

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4 Move 4: Jump Rope

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5 Move 5: Hammer Grip Row

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6 Move 6: Compass Jumping Jacks

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7 Move 7: Concentration Curl

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8 Back on Fire Workout, Part 1

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9 ... and Part Two!

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10 20-Minute Upper Body Workout

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11 9 Back Fat Exercises

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12 Bye-bye Back Fat

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13 Yoga the 8-Minute Better-Back Workout

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14 Fly!

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15 Back Fat Blaster

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16 Back-Bulge-Fighting Yoga Poses

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17 Great Back Workout

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18 Banish Your Back Fat

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19 The "Sexy Back" Workout

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20 Bra Bulge Blaster

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21 Tone Your Back!

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22 Sexy Back & 6-Pack Abs

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