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Give the Girls a Lift with These 16 Exercises for Your Tatas ...

By Jennifer

Sadly, there aren't really any exercises to make the girls bigger, but there are plenty of routines you can do to make them firmer, and give them a little lift. Hooray for toned tatas! Here are a few exercises to give the girls a lift, just in time for bikini season. To see an entire image, give it a tap.

1 For Your Boobs + Posture

For Your Boobs + PostureSource: ♥Boobs and Posture Workout♥

2 6 Minutes to Sexy Cleavage

6 Minutes to Sexy CleavageSource: Health and Fitness: Tracy Anderson

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3 Push-up Princess

Push-up PrincessSource: The Nutrition Twins

4 A Few Reps...

A Few Reps...Source: GymRa | Exclusive Healthy Videos

5 Kettlebell Renegade Rows

Kettlebell Renegade RowsSource: Skinny Mom | Give Your

6 Gym Ball + Wee WEights

Gym Ball + Wee WEightsSource: Skinny Mom | Give Your

7 Lift Your Boobs

Lift Your BoobsSource: FitGirl Pro – Your Personal

8 Go up!

Go up!Source: Skinny Mom | Give Your

9 These 3 Moves

These 3 MovesSource: Just strength-train for a lift

10 The Boob Firmer

The Boob FirmerSource: Fleur Meets Fitness - Fitness

11 Do It at Home

Do It at HomeSource: 6 Natural Breast Lifting Moves

12 Pushup Form & Cleavage Workout

Pushup Form & Cleavage WorkoutSource: FitGirl Pro – Your Personal

13 Tone Your Girls

Tone Your GirlsSource: Pinterest

14 Rocking Rack

Rocking RackSource: Skinny Mom | 7 Moves
Tap the image to see the workout - with a title like that, I had to include it!

15 Reverse Fly

Reverse FlySource: Follow Women's Health Fitness Blog

16 These 3 Moves

These 3 MovesSource: Why Women Can't Afford To

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