7 Exercises to Melt Belly Fat Fast ...


7 Exercises to Melt Belly Fat Fast ...
7 Exercises to Melt Belly Fat Fast ...

There are so many great exercises that can help you to melt belly fat away. If you are sick and tired of feeling uncomfortable with your midsection you need to take action today. Aside from this excess weight making your clothes uncomfortable, it is unhealthy for your heart. You need to make a change. Follow this list of great exercises, eliminate refined sugar and eat more vegetables so that you can see the best results in no time!

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Want to perform an exercise that will strengthen your stomach, hips and back? Then you want to perform the plank. Follow this video for guidance to help you in proper form. Make sure you tighten those abs to engage your abs and see the most results! Strengthen your abs and melt belly fat with this great exercise!


Interval Training

Follow this cardiovascular resistance training workout to reduce body fat, particularly around your tummy! If you are tired of stressing over working for results, it is time to start earning them. With just an hour a day you can see great results, so get up and get moving. Don’t wait for life to happen to you, make it happen!


Resistance Band Training

Follow these 23 moves that you can do for just 2-3 days along with your cardio workouts to reduce body fat and burn more calories at rest. These resistance band exercises can help you to build muscle so pick up a band and get moving starting today!


High Intensity Workouts

So what is the buzz with high intensity workouts? Well the reason is that high intensity workouts are scientifically proven to burn more calories than a more relaxed workout. These exercises are short bursts of high intensity exercises of just 20 seconds followed by rest or low intensity exercise. So make the most out of every fitness moment and get started to reducing your belly fat with high intensity workouts like these!



Follow this great indoor cycling workout to get a great cardio routine and reduce belly fat! This workout gets harder as it goes along so challenge yourself to great results. If you are unable to keep up, listen to your body and do what you can.


Belly Dancing

Did you know belly dancing can help you tone your tummy and reduce body fat? Yes this fun dance is effective and can help you get beach wear ready in just a matter of weeks! Check out this great video to help you get started!


Jumping Rope

Did you know that jumping rope burns more calories per minute than any exercise? Well if you did not know, now you do, so why not jump your way slim. Check out these 23 different jump rope techniques to challenge yourself and achieve the results of your dreams. These exercises can help you melt belly fat fast and even have some fun in the process.

So now that you have a few great exercises that can help you to reduce belly fat, make sure you close your kitchen down 3 hours before bed time, drink more water and eliminate processed food and refined sugars to see the best results! Are you ready for the challenge?

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How come running is not listed here :(

I find alternating spin and pump great!

I need to start jump roping

I'm thinking of trying out belly dancing-it looks fun and has the health benefits! 🙋💃

@gratis Noir i agree


Thus is great I will start jumping !!!!!😉

I love belly dancing it's the best

I thought this was for exercises not workout routines :s

Can't see the pictures :(

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