All the Exercises You Need to Tone a Flabby Tummy ...

Are you looking for ways to tone up a flabby tummy? The tummy can be the most stubborn of areas to tone, because what you eat almost immediately shows. That is never a good thing! And despite all your efforts at eating healthy, your abs are still looking flabby and lacking the definition that you want. So do not give up and feel that your genetics have doomed you for a lifetime of loose abs. There are plenty of things you can do to combat the problem. Begin by eating clean and follow these exercises to tone up a flabby tummy:

1. Jump Squats

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Jump squats are one of the best abdominal exercises, along with strengthening your lower body. Make sure you lower your body and explode up to increase your heart rate and work your midsection. This plyometric exercise is one of the best ways to tone up a flabby tummy.

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