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Are you looking for ways to tone up a flabby tummy? The tummy can be the most stubborn of areas to tone, because what you eat almost immediately shows. That is never a good thing! And despite all your efforts at eating healthy, your abs are still looking flabby and lacking the definition that you want. So do not give up and feel that your genetics have doomed you for a lifetime of loose abs. There are plenty of things you can do to combat the problem. Begin by eating clean and follow these exercises to tone up a flabby tummy:

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Jump Squats

Jump squats are one of the best abdominal exercises, along with strengthening your lower body. Make sure you lower your body and explode up to increase your heart rate and work your midsection. This plyometric exercise is one of the best ways to tone up a flabby tummy.



If you want to tone your tummy and shed fat, cardio is an integral ingredient to the recipe of attaining your dream body. So get outside for a run, run in your home or jump on a treadmill to lean down and sculpt your abs.



Bicycles are one of the best abdominal exercises to target your midsection and tone your tummy. Say goodbye to the loose skin and hello to that six pack by performing 3 sets of 20 of this exercise. Go slow when doing this exercise and extend your legs fully to tighten your abs.


V Sit

The V sit is a challenging abdominal exercise that can help you to tone your tummy. Hold for 20-30 seconds and repeat 3 times. Finish with a 25 minute cardio workout of running, biking, swimming or any other exercise that challenges you.


Mountain Climber

Mountain climbers are a great total body exercise with a focus on the core. To increase the intensity, pick up the pace and drive your feet closer to your face as you climb away! Perform 3 sets of 1 minute to begin with and as you get stronger, simply add more sets!


Jack Knife

Follow this video to perform the jack knife abdominal exercise for 3 set of 18. This exercise requires a good amount of abdominal strength so if you do not have it, do not lift your body as much. You get out what you put in, so the higher you lift, the better the results.



The plank is an incredible total body exercise with a focus on the core. You should begin with just 30 seconds so you do not overdo this and build yourself up to 1-2 minutes. Make sure you tighten your abs and keep them engaged to make the most out of this intense exercise. I have been doing this exercise for many years and I am always amazed at how it still challenges me.

Hope these exercises help you to tone your tummy, fight the flab and say goodbye to ever feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. You only have one life, so why not live it right and achieve your dream body? Follow these abdominal exercises, eat healthy and make sure you find time for your cardio fitness each day! Are you ready for the challenge to work your abs and fight the flab?

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If you want a more hourglass shape and to reduce your muffin top I would reccomend doing an workouts that work out your obliques. There are plenty of videos on youtube

Do you think you could write a post about toning your stomach with exercises for thinning your waist? ("Hourglass" shape)? It'd be really appreciated :) I've read some things on the internet but I've only been able to find exercises not to do because they'll end up giving u a rectangular shape and take away your curves

Nice article thanks good point Andrea

So useful, thank you!

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