You Can Forget about Flab with These 7 Arm Workouts ...


Tired of waving and having your arm fat wave back at you? If yes, you are not alone. There is no reason to accept less than exactly what you want out of life. So chase the burn and achieve amazing results with these 7 arm workouts. These workouts will push you to discover your inner athlete and fight the flab. So get your fitness wear on, grab a bottle of water and go to town moving to these super-effective upper body workouts. Are you ready to challenge your upper body?

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Arm Circles

The shoulder progression is a great routine to work your arms and shoulders. If you want to bump up the intensity, add 3-5 lb dumb bells. Pick up the speed to feel the burn even stronger and if you feel great, go for longer.


Push Ups

Whether you are performing countless pushups or or are just a beginner, follow along with this video so that you can perfect your form. Pushups are an incredible exercise to work your arms, core, shoulders and back. It doesn’t get any better than this so drop down and give me 20 to take a step closer to blasting the arm flab to the curb!


Tricep Dips

Strengthen your triceps and tighten your arms with tricep dips. This is a great exercise that you should definitely perform to tighten and strengthen your arms. Begin with knees bent and progress to legs straight. Lower all the way down to feel the burn and see amazing results!


Weighted Resistance Workouts

Shape your arms to slim and sculpt perfection with this excellent Xhit workout. This workout is great because all you need your dumb bells and energy to work hard and achieve your best upper body! If you perform any of these workouts you are doing it right, but I particularly like this workout after I perform cardio.


Kettle Bell

Kettle bells are a great way to alter your traditional weighted workouts and bump up the intensity! So sculpt your arms and abs with this super effective kettle bell workout. These workouts combine both cardio and strength to help you burn the maximum amount of calories.


Resistance Band Workout

Sculpt and tone your upper body with this great resistance band workout. This workout will challenge your upper body to muscle fatigue and you will literally feel the burn as you perform the workout.


Lift like You Mean It

Start out with a cardio warm up and then follow fitness blender with this super set arm workout. These arm workouts will maximize your range of motion and help you achieve chiseled arms. Banish the flab with these super workouts and have a blast in the process!

These are all incredible upper body workouts. Which will you start with first? Get ready to conquer your dream and achieve all your goals starting with a step in the right direction today!

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