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Would you like to know the exercises to fight flab? You know that irritating fat on your side that keep your pants from lying flat or the rash you develop from your thighs rubbing against each other? This is all annoying but with the right workouts it will annoy you no more because you can combat this. So stop blaming mom or dad for your genes and put your energy to good use by working out. You can achieve your dream body with hard work and effort. Are you ready to get started? Then perform these great exercises to fight flab!

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Stair Climbing

Stair climbing burns mega calories and tightens your lower half to help you fight the dreaded flab, so try this workout. This workout will give you the after burn effect to help elevate your metabolic rate and get you in your best shape! If you are ready for the burn, start climbing because this is one of the best exercises to fight flab.



Sprinting is a super way to elevate your metabolic rate and get a great high intensity workout. So perform the exercises in this video for 10 times with a 30 second to 2 minute rest in between. Rest more if you are a beginner and less if you are at an advanced fitness level. I can promise you as hard as this is, you will reap amazing results that make this well worth the work.


High Intensity Training

Check out this 33 minute workout that you certainly must try to see the amazing results you can achieve. Make sure you perform the full video and begin with the stretch so you can lubricate your joints and ease into the workout.


Resistance Training

Turn to weight training to burn fat while sculpting and toning your body. In this video you will be guided in performing 8 resistance training exercises to help you get fit and fight the flab. Just make sure you eat lean protein within 30 minutes after your workout to aid recovery and keep your metabolism running strong!



Check out this great plyo workout to burn more calories in less time. Plyometrics are jumping exercises with maximum energy bursts in a short amount of time. So are you ready to start jumping to your fittest flabless body? Then get up and get moving!



Love getting a great workout while having fun, what about you? If you love exercising while having a heck of a lot of fun, then check out this video of cardio exercises, with fun dance songs all led by fitness enthusiast Cassey (who definitely does not lack enthusiasm). Perform this video routine along with a light walk 3 days a week for the best fitness and weight loss results!



Okay so this workout may look totally 80’s but the exercises are strenuous, challenging and effective, so aim for 3 days of this workout to trim down and tone up. As you start, do what you can and work your way to completing this entire video. And invite a few friends to work together and dance the fat away!

Hope you have enjoyed all these great fitness videos to help you to tone up, trim down and better your health. Just make sure you make healthy food choices so you win that battle, the rest will come if you are ready to work!

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