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Going to the gym is definitely one of my least favorite things. I do like exercising, but I much prefer to do it anywhere but the gym. There’s so many people in there and I abhor waiting my turn on a machine. If you feel the same way, there are loads of other places to get a work out without making the experience any more miserable than it needs to be. Try one of these locations and you might just decide you love exercise.

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Spread out Your Equipment in the Living Room

I find it tons easier to get through a workout when I am distracted by my favorite television show. You can do lots of types of exercises in the comfort of your own living room. Try yoga, kettlebells, weights, resistance bands or body weight moves like pushups and crunches. The options are wide open so you’ll never get bored with it.


Hit the Streets in Your Neighborhood

If walking, running or biking is your exercise of choice, the streets of your neighborhood are the ideal place to get in a workout. You can take the same route every time or mix things up by taking different paths each time you head out. You’ll be getting fresh air and burning calories without being stuck inside.


Grab Your Ball and Go to the Nearest School Basketball Court

I do this all the time with my kids. When school is out, you can use the court (though I wouldn’t recommend trying when school is in session). Challenge your best friend or your boyfriend to a game of one on one. You’ll be having so much fun winning that it won’t even feel like you’re also working out. Basketball works your muscles and burns calories so it’s a great option.


Take Your Kids to the Playground, but Don’t Sit down

They beg you to walk to the playground all the time, which is good exercise on its own. Once you get there, resist the urge to lounge on a bench. Instead chase the little ones around. If they don’t want you to play, do pull ups on the bars, run the steps or use the end of the slide to do incline pushups.


Use Your Backyard for More than a Barbecue with Friends

Sure, lounging out in the yard is great when you want to enjoy a margarita or a quick game of toss with your kids. You can also use it to fit in a workout. I love this idea because I hate when people watch me exercise so you won’t have to worry about the prying eyes of your neighbors. Run laps around the lawn or use it do jump squats or jump rope.


Join a Dance Studio and You’ll Always Have a Place to Exercise

Dancing is a top notch form of exercise. You burn calories and work the muscles throughout your body. Join a dance class or become a member at a dance studio and you always have a great place to fit in a workout. Try ballet, swing or ballroom dancing. It’s a fun way to stay fit and active and you’ll make loads of great friends.


Take a Step Back in Time and Head to the Nearest High School Track Field

Again, this is probably not a good idea when the kids are at school, but during the early morning hours and on the weekends, it’s a prime choice. You can use the track for a run or you can climb the bleachers to work your lower body and blast mega calories. You might even be able to get away with jumping hurdles.

Where do you like to exercise? My living room is my usual choice. Do you think you’ll try any of these places next time you work out?

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I go out to the forest track :) best place for me!

Never been to a gym. Get all my exercises in backyard and running in neighborhood. Feel free and love the openness one can't get in the gym. :)

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