Get Rid of Your Love Handles with These Workouts ...


Get Rid of Your Love Handles with These Workouts ...
Get Rid of Your Love Handles with These Workouts ...

Pop Sugar has saved us all yet again. This time, they brought our attention to a few different workouts that are meant to make your love handles disappear. If you're unhappy with your appearance, then here are a few amazing exercises that you should try to fit in today:

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Pilates Mat Swimming


Superman Lifts


Mountain Climbers


The Seated Russian Twist

Now that's what I call a workout! What other exercises do you do to make your love handles disappear?

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Wood choppers!

No, these 100% work. Obviously work best combined with eating better and increasing your heart rate, but they defo get rid of love handles. Be careful though, as they can build the oblique muscle, which can make your waist slightly more chunky (those side muscles men and ripped women have). But that won't happen soon.

The Russian twist helps indeed!

Love handles are a fatty area on your body, there is no muscle tone to build there. Contrary to beliefs you cannot centralize an area to work on and burn fat - only tone muscles. In order to lose love handles cardio and strength training all over your body is necessary as well as healthy eating. These exercises are a myth. Sorry to burst bubbles.

what type of food I should eat ... instead of junck and fast food what is your advice ..,!!

I have low back issues so I do a stand up Russian twist. Feet shoulder width apart, I use a 25 plate and twist above hips. Keep your hips straight and you will feel the burn!

Going to do this for 2 months...wish me luck lol

Where can I buy the lovely see through top?

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