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Dragging yourself out of bed at unnatural hours just to get in a quick workout is the worst. Sometimes, skipping out on the gym feels like the best option. What could be better than sleeping in, right? But recently, I've noticed that those thirty minutes saved start adding up, which is even worse. Whether you're hoping to slim down during your summer break and before your semester starts or shaping up for the heck of it, like me, these super effective and straightforward toning moves will help you get back on the right track.

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If You Want a Firmer Butt, Drop Everything and do Some Squats

Power squats are about to become your best friend. Hitting your squats the right (and safe) way will get you the perfect butt. An added bonus is the fact that you're toning your calves and inner thighs at the same time. Don't worry if you're just starting out; Vicky Justize works her way from beginner to advanced moves.


Start Targeting Your Core and Strengthening Your Obliques

One of my favorite things about Angela Parker's workout video is that it applies to fitness lovers of all levels. Stick to it and you'll see serious results, as well as a shrinking waistline. It's simple to follow and can be done before you head out for the day.


Dance Those Calories in This Intense but Fun Cardio Routine

As a dancer, I can attest to the fact that dancing is a great way to keep off those extra calories. I fit in my cardio by alternating between general dance and zumba toning classes. Keaira LaShae's exercise routine is the perfect mix between core, thigh, hip, arms and butt toning.


Get Your Arms Tank Top Ready in Just Ten Minutes!

Zumba toning always makes my arms feel like jelly because we switch back and forth between using weights and stretching our arms. Keep building up your upper body strength; it'll make the process of toning your entire body smoother.


If You're Ready for More Advanced Moves, Calf Raises Are the Secret to Leaner Legs

Warning: Your legs will be on fire after this one! No amount of dancing could prepare me for those calf raises. But they're definitely worth it; the longer you work at them, the easier they'll come to you. Take it from me. I recently started this routine and I can already see (and feel) the results.


Tone Your Thighs with a Full Lower Body Workout

Switch back and forth between pilates and cardio to tone your lower body. The great thing about this is that it hits different areas of your thighs and butt. It can get really difficult at times but is every effective.


Burn Your Belly Fat Using Cardio and Core Strengthening

Honestly, my belly is probably the most stubborn part to get rid of. It doesn't matter how many workouts I burn through, it's still my problem area. If that sounds familiar, this intense routine will target your stomach and overall body.

Remember to keep up with these as you go along; there's no such thing as a quick fix without putting any effort on your part. Work your way to a sexier and healthier you by exercising regularly.

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Cassey Ho is a great instructor, when you're short on time.


I can not wait to try these all

Great videos can't wait to try them! I have to wait for quite a while though because I recently broke my leg and won't be completely better until November, but I will keep these in mind!

Thank you so much for this useful article, Cassandra! I honestly can't wait to try them! 😄

I highly recommend to download the free app: Blogilates.. She's the woman in no.5 Casey in an amazing person who will change your life forever

Sweet. Thank you Cassandra.

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