Loathe Your Love Handles? These 26 Exercises Can Banish Them for Good

By Jennifer

Call it what you will - muffin top, soft tummy, flabby abby, love handles - that extra little pudge around my middle drives me crazy! So I'm on a mission to get rid of it for good. Who's with me? Here are the exercises I plan to do, and if you want, you can too!

1 Dumbbell Blast

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2 Love Handles & Muffin Top Melter

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3 Lose the Love Handles

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4 Belly Blaster

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5 Crouching Tiger

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6 Love Handle Workout

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7 Side Plank Reach Thru

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8 Floored Me with Those Flat Abs Workout

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9 Day Side Plank Challenge

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10 Exercises for Side Fat

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11 Lose Your Love Handles

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12 Smaller Waist

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13 5 Minutes?

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14 20 Minutes?

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15 Tone It up

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16 Medicine Ball Ab Attack

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17 Stand up!

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18 Arms & Abs!

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19 Be a Baller

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20 5 Moves

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21 No Crunches

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22 Easy!

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23 Work Your Abs, Standing

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24 Abs Circuit

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25 12 Minutes and Counting

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26 4 for the Core

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