7 Tips for Forming V-Line Abs ...

By Holly

V-line abs are about as sexy as it gets. Whether you walk around the beach in your two-piece or stroll along the boardwalk in your crop top, everyone will be staring at your beautiful body. What's sexier than a girl with a great personality who takes good care of herself? Nothing! That's why you should follow these tips for forming V-line abs:

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1 Exercise Your Lower Ab Region

If you want V-line abs, you need to work for them. Exercise will be a big part of your routine, but don't just do any old workouts. You need to make sure to focus on the type of workouts that will exercise your lower ab region. Leg lifts and reverse crunches are two of the best moves to learn how to master.

2 Lower Your Fat Percentage

You need to lower your fat percentage if you want your muscles to be visible. That's why it's important for you to do cardio in addition to doing exercises that will build your abdominal muscles. Don't forget the importance of running on the treadmill and swimming around in your pool. You need to engage in those exercises as often as you engage in the ab building ones.

3 Keep a Healthy Diet

Unfortunately, exercise isn't the only thing that contributes to the creation of abs. If you want V-line abs, you also need to develop a healthy diet to keep your body lean. Despite how tempting Mr Frosty is, you need to cut down on the snack foods and stock up on salads. Just don't forget to eat enough protein, because it's an important part of becoming stronger.

4 Watch What You Drink

Water is great for every area of your body, especially in summer when you could easily become dehydrated. That's why you should make sure to drink as much water as you can and cut down on your soda and sugary drink intake. Alcohol is also a big no-no, because you don't want a beer belly instead of abs.

5 Lower Your Waistline

Once you have V-line abs, you need to show them off. You won't be able to do that when you're covered in clothes, so you need to buy some pants and skirts with a low waistline. That way, everyone will be able to see your hard work and you can feel like your exercising paid off.

6 Keep Your Back Straight

Even the thinnest people will look like they have flab when they lean in a certain way. That's why you need to keep your back straight so your hip bone is in line and your new abs will be visible. Otherwise, no one will be able to see all of the hard work that you've put in to shaping your body.

7 Learn to Flex Those Muscles

Your abs are just like any other muscle, which means it's possible to flex them. That's why you should stand in front of the mirror and learn how to stand in a way that will show off those abs. Don't feel silly about examining your reflection. It's what plenty of gym rats do.

It'll take time to form V-line abs, but you'll end up loving the way you look. Besides, there's no better way to feel pride than to accomplish something you've been fighting for for weeks. What other tips do you have for forming abs?

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Flat tummies are hard to come by unless you are a teenager or 1% of the gene pool. You can be your ideal body weight and still be skinny-FAT.

No nice to hear normal flat tummy esp for a woman. That is my opinion. Toned but not like the photo.

It's really hard to achieve this... I've been working towards for about 1month... Cardio and twisting moves will do it though... Great advice

Thanks @Bindi. Will do.

Reading this while I drink a 2liter coke and eating a doughnut but I still have a v line ab

All fats aren't bad for you

I'm doing this right now, week 3 into my 6 pack training I really want a 6 pack!!! But not an overly packed one :)

Whoops lol. Thought it said lower your fats

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