Better Your Balance with These 7 Elegant Exercises ...

By Tara

Better Your Balance with These 7 Elegant Exercises ...

Better your balance and work your core with these 7 elegant exercises. These exercises will test your body and help you achieve something more. Step away from your traditional workouts and try these great exercises, such as pole dancing, ballet workouts and even some belly dancing. Have fun, exude elegance and work your body strong.

1 Be Ballet Beautiful

If you want your arms to be lean and strong, perform this ballet beautiful workout. To be ballet beautiful, you have to work for it. This upper body workout may appear easy, but it is a lot harder than it looks. You will feel the burn after the workout so push yourself to make the most out of the it. You will also feel incredible as a result, so what are you waiting for?

2 Swan Dead Lift

Take the one leg dead lift one step further and bring your arms up laterally to the side. Show your grace and elegance as you better your balance in the process. Just make sure to keep a flat back and a neutral spine as you perform this exercise. This exercise helps to fix muscular imbalances so make sure you include this in your routine!

3 Pole Dancing Exercise Can Be Pure Elegance

Pole dancing is not at all what you thought it is. If you check out this video you can see so many elegant moves of poise and perfection. So follow along the best that you can to work your core, better your balance and also build your confidence!

4 Work Your Legs and Butt

Activate your core, work your legs and burn more calories at rest with this lower body ballet workout. Sculpt long, lean muscles as you follow along to this effective video. Get that dancer’s body you have always wanted. Dare to be fabulous and elegant, then work for it!

5 Be Totally a Ballet Beauty

If you want to work your entire body from head to toe with elegance, check out this ballet beautiful workout. All these moves are so graceful, just watching the workout is so engaging. Now check out the workout and try it for yourself.

6 Work Your Body with Denise

Combine both yoga and pilates for this ultimate elegant workout. This workout is meditative to relax your body and mind. De-stress as you get fit and fabulous. You do not have to pound the pavement to get fit. So try these other great options and you will be amazed!

7 Belly Dance That Body Sexy and Slim

Follow this elegant arm routine to work your upper body, exude elegance, explore peace and meditate. You do not have to be banging out hundreds of push-ups to tone your upper body. Check this workout out and discover your inner peace!

Now better your balance with these ultimate effective exercises. Are you ready to show your elegance and core strength? Then get moving!

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