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Check out this great list of motivational ideas that can get you moving to achieve your goals. Grab your dreams and go ahead, make them a reality!

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30 Amazing Foods for Weight Loss

For healthy weight loss, people should try to consume low calorie foods like fruits, vegetables and whole food and eliminate or limit process foods. Follow this for great results.
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Victoria Secret Workout

Want to follow the plan that most models live by? Feel and look like a Victoria Secret model by following this.
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You Want These Exercises

You want an amazing body for 2015, then work for it and follow these great exercises!
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8 Ways to Detox for Fall

Detox your body and let go of all the anxiety by following this plan.
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This is Why We Plank! 30 Day Challenge

This is the BEST for toning and strengthening my core, so are you up for the challenge?
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This is the fitness plan that proves fat loss doesn't have to be difficult! This complete guide for women has workouts, grocery lists and so much more!
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30 Day Ab & Squat Challenge

Pick a day to squat away and begin this fabulous 30 day ab and squat challenge.
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Find the right tea for all your needs.
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Beach Body in 30 Days

This challenge has been designed as a total body workout which will get you looking hot and beach ready!
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Sexy Booty Workout

Get a nice and toned booty with these moves.
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Legs of Steel Workout

Sculpt killer legs at your convenience! Just follow these lean thigh exercises to get in your best shape this year!
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Pre and Post-Workout Snacks

In a jam looking for what to eat after you complete your workout? Then follow this list of great pre and post workout snacks. You will be amazed at how portable and easy these snacks are!
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Get Rid of Your Back Bulge

You know the back bulge that is sitting around the bra area or the muffin top driving you crazy? Well prepare to say farewell by performing these effective moves to banish these trouble areas!
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12 Secret Pandora Workout Stations

Music is amazing fitness inspiration, especially if it's upbeat!
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14 Habits of Fit People

Check these out! Which ones do you think you could turn into your own healthy habits?
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12 Tips to Quit Sugar

I went 30 days without sugar and lost 16 pounds. If I can do it, you can do it. So get started by making this change in your own life today!
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Zero-Calorie Foods

Looking for a late night snack and do not know what to do? Try this list of 20 zero calorie snacks so that you can eat guilt free.
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6 Minute Morning Workout

Only have a few minutes to exercise in the wee hours of the day? Then check out this routine to burn calories and incinerate fat. Short, yet intense and targets your whole body. I was amazed at how great the workout was!
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So with all of this amazing fitness motivation with exercises, diet an clean nutrition; are you ready to make a change for 2015? Happy health and a great body to you!

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This is so awesome and just what I need, thank you!

All women's talk app should really be for young women under 30! The models and examples don't work for really anyone older than that! Instead of all women talk, it should be all YOUNG women's talk! Don't get me wrong, I love this app ....

The only zero calorie food is water, the rest are all positive calorie foods, it only depends on you how much of the you burn off!

Fantastic article, lots of very useful and clear ways of getting fitter and losing weight.

Denise ,speak for yourself. I'm in my early 40s and love this app. Many of us are over 30. Don't be so insecure.

@denise I thought it was all women stalk lol

Thanx it's very informative

Loved the article thanks

These are great!

Love the information! Already "crave" these fruits & I indulge those cravings but it is always nice to know that there is a logical reason to want the cravings.

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