Fitness Bloggers and Vloggers to Keep You Inspired ...


Fitness Bloggers and Vloggers to Keep You Inspired ...
Fitness Bloggers and Vloggers to Keep You Inspired ...

If you’re trying to turn over a new leaf when it comes to health and fitness, infiltrating all of your social media networks with health and fitness accounts can be a great way to keep your mind on the goals you’ve set for yourself. If you’re looking for blogger and vloggers to keep you inspired and goal-oriented, you absolutely need to follow these accounts for your daily “fitspiration!”

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Blogilates Cassey Ho is one of the original fitness vloggers. She posts amazing Pilates and yoga tutorials that are sure to break you out of your fitness rut, and she also posts amazing recipes and food hacks that are sure to make you feel good and comfortable in your skin. If her YouTube Channel and social media haven’t inspired you just yet, it’s only a matter of time!


Club Fitz Fitness

Club Fitz Fitness Personally, this YouTube channel absolutely changed my health and fitness routine so much. If you hate working out, this is the channel for you. Lauren and Kelsi teach dance fitness in Oklahoma and post the videos of their dances to their YouTube channel, making it an easy place to get a quick workout in if you don’t have time to frequent a class in your area.


Anna Victoria Fit

Anna Victoria Fit @annavictoria
Anna Victoria is one of the most inspiring Instagram accounts I’ve found during my own journey to be inspired by social media accounts. She not only posts short video tutorials on Instagram, but she also posts her own progress as well as yummy food ideas and other people’s progress. You’re sure to be inspired by her Instagram account!



Fitfluential @fitfluential
If you like to be involved in a community, I highly suggest that you check out FitFluential. You will feel so involved in the community they’ve created. The account constantly posts inspirational quotes that will get your butt in gear, but also pictures from their followers that are sure to inspire you to do just as much as they do!


POPSugar Fit

POPSugar Fit If you’re looking for a YouTube channel that posts hardcore workouts you can do from the comfort of your own home, I highly suggest you check out POPSugar’s fitness channel. There are nearly half a million people that agree with me, because POPSugar Fitness is one of the biggest fitness YouTube channels out there. No matter what kind of workout you’re looking for, you’ll find it on POPSugar Fit.


Alexa Jean Fitness

Alexa Jean Fitness @alexajeanfitness
Alexa Jean Brown has 1.5 million followers on her fitness account for a reason—she’s constantly posting quick videos that will get you to workout, as well as inspirational pictures from people who follow her workout routines. Plus, she’s constantly incorporating her husband and daughter into her workouts, making it great for a wife and mom on the go!


Sarah Dussault Fit

Sarah Dussault Fit
If you prefer to follow blogs rather than YouTube channels or Instagram accounts, Sarah Fit is definitely for you. Although she does have all of that, I love her blog the most. It’s a nice way to stay inspired when I’m looking for a long-form read to inspire me! If you love to read blogs, hers is definitely one to add to your list!

Who is your favorite fitness blogger or vlogger? Let me know who inspires you most when it comes to your health and fitness journey in the comments!

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For me it's Yoga With Adriene ;)

Love Cassey!!


*love* :) it helped me loose 20 lbs

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