Inspiring Total Body Moves for the Fitness Obsessed ...


Inspiring Total Body Moves for the Fitness Obsessed ...
Inspiring Total Body Moves for the Fitness Obsessed ...

If you are obsessed with fitness and just can’t get enough of getting your fit on, you may want to start doing these fitness moves. These moves are great to challenge you, push yourself and help you to get in your best shape. And as you get stronger you can add repetitions to feel the burn. And since these are all total body moves you will boost your metabolism becoming a fat burning machine. So get to it with moves like the burpee, lunge variations, plank, step ups and even jumping rope. And to see maximum results, make sure you push yourself to perform every exercise at full intensity.

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The burpee is a super effective total body exercise that combines a squat, vertical jump and a push up. With so many exercises packed into one effective move, it is no wonder this is so extreme. Even the fittest will be challenged when performing a burpee so make sure this power packed moved is part of your day!


Lunge Bicep Curl

Drop your leg down to 90 degrees and lunge to work your larger muscle groups. To also target your upper body, make sure you add weights and perform bicep curls. I usually perform 3 sets of 18 to see the best results and challenge myself to achieve incredible results.


Reverse Lunge Tricep Kickback

Walking backwards drop your leg down and pull your arm back to perform a tricep kickback. This will help you work your total body and make your dream of getting in super shape into a reality. Perform 3 sets of 18 and push yourself to see maximum results.



On your forearms, tighten your arms and hold in the plank position for 30 to 60 seconds. This total body exercise may not feel like it is working your total body but I guarantee you will feel the burn the next day. Just engage the muscle you are working and make the most out of this super exercise!


Reverse Plank

On your back while on your forearms, reverse the plank to work your legs, abs and back. Engage your muscles as you perform this compound exercise that works multiple muscle groups at once. This exercise may look simple when watching another do it but it is anything but easy. In fact this exercise will challenge you and you will love it for just this reason!


Step Ups

Obsessed with seeing great results then step it up for your health, happiness and to better your life. Step up exercises can be performed on picnic benches since this is a higher step up and will give you a super workout. To work your total body, add weights and perform overhead shoulders as you step up. Set a goal of stepping for 10 minutes and burn baby burn!


Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is super effective workout to push yourself to achieving great result because it combines both cardio and strength. And if you have ever jumped rope for more than a few minutes you would realize just how tough this workout really is. If you want to push it to the next level, invest in a weighted jump rope. And jump for 60 minutes to see rocking results!

So hey fitness obsessed are you ready to take one step closer to achieving your goal? Then get moving and work hard to achieve amazing results. You can do this!

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