Top 21 Fitness Snappers to Follow for All Your Workout Motivation ...


Top 21 Fitness Snappers to Follow for All Your Workout Motivation ...
Top 21 Fitness Snappers to Follow for All Your Workout Motivation ...

Snapchat might not be the first place you go when you need fitness motivation, but there are some really great fitness snappers to follow that will share all kinds of great advice and motivation for you. is a site that has loads of info for any girl who wants to get in shape and they shared these fitness snappers with us. When you want to workout and need that little extra shove to get your butt moving, these snappers have all the workout motivation you need.

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The Rock

text, cartoon, font, illustration, Photo: @TheRock

Name: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
Username: dwaynejohnson
What you can expect: “Focus! Focus!” This may just be The Rock’s mid-workout tagline, and he’s known to spout it mid-rep to keep himself in the game. We love joining The Rock for his heavy-lifting gym sessions, and can’t help but smile when he cracks one of his trademark grins. Johnson is funny, strong as hell, and has a seriously snap-worthy French Bulldog. What more could you want?



cartoon, font, icon, clip art, illustration, Photo: Blogilates

Name: Cassey Ho
Username: blogilates
What you can expect: Ho is the creator of the uber-popular Pop Pilates program, and is also a blogger, activewear designer and bona-fide fitness superstar. Her Snap story is an awesomely perky mix of her eats, travels and workouts. Ho also keeps it real and is all about body positivity.


Hannah Bronfman

screenshot, Photo: @HannahBronfman

Name: Hannah Bronfman
Username: hannahbgood
What you can expect: If there were a “Cool Kids of NYC” list, Bronfman would be at the top. The professional DJ and model is always mixing up her workouts, and we’re total suckers for her boxing routines. When she’s not hitting the bag, she’s taking glam vacations and attending fancy events with fellow DJ and fiancé Brendan Fallis.


Mike Vacanti

cartoon, font, hairstyle, moustache, illustration, Photo: @MikeVacanti

Name: Mike Vacanti
Username: mikevacanti
What you can expect: It’s no surprise Vacanti is a Snapchat superstar — he trains social media guru Gary Vaynerchuk, who got him hooked on the app. Why follow? Vacanti is a realist (he knows sometimes you’re just too busy to work out!). He’s all about crushing it in the gym while pursuing realistic expectations. He also likes ice cream. A lot.


Christmas Abbott

sports, jumping, footwear, extreme sport, leg, Photo: @ChristmasAbbott

Name: Christmas Abbott
Username: christmasabbott
What you can expect: Today, Abbott is a Crossfit trainer. Before that? She smoked all throughout her teens, and then spent time in Iraq during her twenties, where she decided to turn her life around. From there, Abbott went on to become an Olympic weightlifter. NBD, right? Abbott’s Snaps are a mix of her Crossfit classes, her homemade, heavy-on-the-protein meals (she’s a fan of second breakfast!), and everyday stuff.


Tone It up

cartoon, font, clip art, brand, illustration, Photo: @ToneItUp

Name: Karena Dawn and Katrina Hodgson
Username: karenakatrina
What you can expect: The Tone it Up girls might just get you off your couch and out for a run because they make it look so fun. (Granted, their runs and workouts are often on the beach, but still.) You’ll find a balance between workout Snaps and videos of their cute pups. But let’s face it: The duo’s rockin bods aren’t the only things you’ll covet. Because beach #hairgoals.


Ocho System

human positions, sports, physical fitness, leg, photo shoot, Photo: @ochosystem

Name: Joe Holder AKA “Ochosystem”
Username: jholder88
What you can expect: As a Nike Run coach and trainer, Holder is beloved by his athletes, celeb clients and fitness editors alike. He snaps his always-plant-based smoothie ingredients, his precious pup, Ellie, his commute, his travels, his workouts, his sauna sessions, his photo shoots, and every single thing in between.


Base Body Babes

human action, person, jogging, sports, physical exercise, Photo: @BaseBodyBabes

Name: The Base Body Babes
Username: basebodybabes
What you can expect: Essentially, the dancing twin emoji with an Australian accent, all day, every day. From their dentist appointments and trips to the nail salon to their boot camps and strength training sessions, the personal trainer sisters behind Base Body Babes document just about everything on Snapchat.


Jen Sinkler

face, text, nose, cartoon, font, Photo: @JenSinkler

Name: Jen Sinkler
Username: jensinkler
What you can expect: Sometimes she’s working out. Other times she’s at the dentist experimenting with Snapchat’s beloved filters. The Thrival Guide creator is a writer, editor and former rugby player who swears by intense workouts and a fresh coat of lip gloss.


Cat Meffan

sports, human positions, physical fitness, martial arts, sitting, Photo: @CatMeffan

Name: Cat Meffan
Username: catmeffan
What you can expect: We could listen to this fitness and travel blogger and yoga teacher talk all day. Even better than her British accent? Her killer leggings collection. Meffan treats her Snapchat like a friend, always along for the ride whether it’s during a rainy walk to the gym or giggling over breakfast.


Fit Men Cook

dish, meal, food, sense, cooking, Photo: @FitMenCook

Name: Kevin at “Fit Men Cook”
Username: fitmencook
What you can expect: If kitch-spiration is what you’re after, Kevin’s got your healthy snacking needs covered. With a mantra like “Kitchen. Gym. Bed.”, the Fit Men Cook founder loves to whip up delicious, hearty eats like vegan queso and a turkey and kale sandwich.


Lolo Jones

text, yellow, font, product, moustache, Photo: @lolojones

Name: Lolo Jones
Username: lolojones
What you can expect: Ever wondered what it’s like to live and train like an Olympic athlete? Jones will show you. Between extreme workouts and breaks spent opening (and live-Snapping) fan mail, Jones is as hilarious as she is hardcore.


Yoga Girl

people, vacation, sea, beach, walking, Photo: @Yoga_Girl

Name: Rachel Brathen
Username: rachel_brathen
What you can expect: Well, she has a pet goat named Penny. Not convinced? The Australian instructor best known as @yoga_girl on Instagram has a seemingly dreamy life. (And yes, doing yoga every damn day is a part of it.) But seriously — that goat.


Workout Bean

brassiere, active undergarment, clothing, hair, undergarment, Photo: @workoutbean

Name: Jera AKA “The Workout Bean”
Username: workoutbean
What you can expect: If you’re looking for crop top inspiration, this SoulCycle instructor-in-training has that and then some. Between her stellar workout style, delicious post-workout munchies and down-to-earth personality, the NASM-certified personal trainer knows her stuff.


Stephen Curry

text, font, brand, advertising, number, Photo: @StephenCurryHD

Name: Stephen Curry
Username: stephencurry314
What you can expect: You don’t have to be a Golden State Warriors fan — or even a basketball fan — to appreciate Curry’s Snap stories. If you’ve ever wanted courtside seats to an NBA game, this might be the closest you’ll get. Our only request: More snaps of his super cute, press-conference-scene-stealing daughter, Riley!


Kristy Godso

photograph, woman, photography, lady, girl, Photo: @KristyGodso

Name: Kirsty Godso
Username: kirstygodso
What you can expect: The Nike Master Trainer (and New Zealand native!) is all about making exercising fun. “If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right,” she’s been known to preach. Her HIIT workouts are not for the gentle hearted, and her egg-and-avocado breakfasts are to die for.


Steve Weatherford

human action, person, structure, room, sports, Photo: Ryan Kelly / Daily Burn

Name: Steve Weatherford
Username: weatherford5
What you can expect: NFL favorite Weatherford — best known as the kicker for the New York Giants — is clearly a guy who likes to have fun with his workouts. Whether he’s doing seriously heavy workouts, popping in at a November Project or DB365 workout, or staying active with his three kids, he loves to do it — and document it — all.


The Body Coach

text, cartoon, font, advertising, brand, Photo: @TheBodyCoach

Name: Joe Wicks
Username: thebodycoach
What you can expect: The “Lean in 15” creator would like to have you over for dinner tonight via Snapchat, of course. His dedication to making healthy, easy to cook meals comes to life through his stories, where he’s either whipping up food on his own or in a green room somewhere. The frequent media guest knows his way around a kitchen — no matter where it is — and will help you feel more comfortable in yours.


Jenelle Salazar

clothing, active undergarment, underpants, muscle, sports uniform, Photo: Get Bodied With J

Name: Jenelle Salazar
Username: getbodiedbyj
What you can expect: Salazar lives by the phrase “eat clean, train dirty,” and her Snapchat pretty much takes followers through every part of that mantra. Whether she’s in the kitchen whipping up her Sunday food prep or at the gym where she’ll tell you exactly what she’s doing in case you want to follow along, the fitness model and personality is all inspiration, all the time.


Carmelo Anthony

human action, person, structure, room, barbell, Photo: @carmeloanthony

Name: Carmelo Anthony
Username: carmelokanthony
What you can expect: If there’s anything better than watching a Syracuse basketball game, it’s watching it via Anthony’s Snapchat. The New York Knicks player is also a diehard ‘Cuse fan (he’s an alum, after all), so his stories are unsurprisingly heavy on the ball-is-life fandom.


Anna Victoria

human action, sports, sprint, athletics, sport venue, Photo: @AnnaVictoria

Name: Anna Victoria
Username: annavictoriafit
What you can expect: There’s a reason Victoria, creator of the Fit Body Guides, has millions of followers. She’s got supermodel looks — and she’ll tell you how to work for them with her easy to follow workouts — and an approachable personality. Don’t be surprised if you watch a day’s worth of her stories and wrap up feeling like you have a new best friend.

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