9 Sneaky Peeks at the Best Workouts to Shred and Sculpt ...


If you want to get in your best shape, sculpt and shred, check out these ultimate sneak peak workouts! Along with these exercises, increase your veggie intake. Lower or eliminate processed foods and follow these routines. Just one a day, along with healthy eating can help the fat melt away. So are you ready for the challenge? Then get started now!

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Full Body Shred

In under 50 minutes you can perform 44 muscle building, fat burning exercises to help you get sculpted and shredded! This workout will help you to sculpt your body into stardom by making you burn 500 calories. So get moving to reclaim your life and get in your best shape!


Get Fit from Home

Join the FitSugar team for a great workout in your very home. Begin with your warm up and then follow with these workouts and your get your heart rate up and get in shape. If you want to shred your body, it is essential to not only get your blood flowing with these workouts but to make sure you eat healthy as well. So get active and eat healthy to get in super sculpted shape!


20 Minute Circuit Workout

If you want to get in fierce fat burning mode while having fun, do this work out! If you follow this workout to the tee and eliminate breaks, you can majorly increase your calorie burning potential. Why you may ask? This high intensity workout has short or no breaks to help you make the most out of this fitness session.


Sculpt and Shred That Bod

Sculpt and shred that body with this great cardio weight training program in just 20 minutes. Build lean muscle with this workout so that you can burn more calories while at rest. Work that body with trainer Denise Austin in your very home. Hope you enjoy this workout as much as I did!


Strengthen Your Body Bootcamp

You can’t go wrong with Denise Austin's workouts especially in this cardio blast boot camp. If you are ready to start earning incredible results, get ready to work it with Denise! This workout is great for all levels so and you get out what you put in.


Envy Those Abs

Want abs that everyone will envy? Then sculpt your body with this abs of envy workout. Follow these slim sculpted girls as they help you to get in shape. Make sure you follow this program and eat healthy so you can the most out of the hard work you are putting in!


Work Your Ab and Back

Follow this level 3 workout with Denise Austin to give you the best abs workout ever! In just 15 minutes you can strengthen your abs and get super strong sculpted abs. Just make sure you tighten those abs and really focus. It is all about control to make the most out of this super workout!


Quick Weight Loss Workout

In just 8 minutes you can get a great, quick workout but remember you get out what you put in. The amount of calories you burn is all dependent on how much you put into the workout.


Kick It with Kickboxing

Kick yourself slim by following this maximum calorie burn. Go through the motions with purpose to burn the most amount of calories. Tire your body out by pushing yourself to achieve your best shape ever. No equipment needed, just bring your energy and positive attitude!

With all these workouts to sculpt and shred, it is fair to say you can have it all. Just lace up your kicks and get ready to work your body strong. Are you ready for the challenge?

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