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Do you want to know the exercises to look like a celebrity? Celebs get paid tons of money to look and feel their best, so they have to work hard on their bodies to maintain this. And although celebs look like they spend their lifetime exercising, most do not spend more than an hour daily. They just know the best exercises because they have their personal trainer with them regularly carving out the best workout program. But for the everyday person, here are the exercises to look like a celebrity because you deserve to look and feel your best!

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Jumping Lunge

Lower your left leg to 90 degrees into a lunging position and jump explosively. Switch your leg positions, then repeat on the right side. Perform for 18 repetitions. This is one of the best exercises to look like a celebrity. The jump lunge works your legs and abs to help you achieve your best body!


Jump Squat

The jump squat is an explosive exercise that can give you amazing results. To perform this exercise, lower your body down into seated position and hold for 5 seconds, then jump up. Repeat 18 times to tone your legs and abs. This exercise will help you to work your lower half and have you looking like a celeb in no time.


Leg Lifts

Leg lifts are a great exercise to target the larger muscle groups of the legs. Lie on the ground on your forearms first. Now kick one leg behind you to isolate your hamstrings and quads, then alternate to the other leg. Repeat 18 repetitions on each leg to help you see definition and slim down your legs.


Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks, one of the most basic military exercises, can help you to elevate your heart rate and get into a fat burning zone. Perform this exercise for 5 sets of 20 to help you get in celeb status shape!



Burpees are a 4 part total body aerobic exercise that can help you achieve unbelievable results! In these four parts, begin in standing position, lower your body to squat position with hands on the ground, kick your feet back, perform a pushup and then jump up! Burpees are a great exercise to work your total body!


Dead Lifts

Dead lifts are another exercise that can help you to isolate one leg at a time. To perform this exercise raise one leg, straighten out behind you and lower your opposing arm to touch the floor. Repeat for 10 repetitions on each leg. This will target your hamstring to help you achieve toned legs like the celebs!



The plank is the ultimate abdominal exercise to target your midsection! This is a staple exercise in all celeb workout programs. To perform this exercise, lie on your forearm, with your body in a straight line from head to toe. Begin at 20 seconds and perform regularly to increase your time. Hold for 1 minute to tone your abdominal zone, and repeat this exercise daily for amazing abs!

Now that you have the best exercises to look like a celebrity, are you ready to get your best body? Just make sure you include healthy eating since this is a large contributor to the number on the scale. Embrace a healthy lifestyle, then get up, get moving and work hard to achieve your best body ever!

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Or like a celebrity you can just head on over to the nearest plastic surgeon

I love you articles on fitness they are so helpful in getting me to start working out! :D

99% of Hollywood has had surgery before the ripe old age of 20 , this should've read how to be a better version of you. I love me and wouldn't want to be anyone else !

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