7 Olympic Level Workouts to Put Your Body to the Test ...


Dig deeper and get stronger by doing some Olympic level workouts starting today. Are you tired of settling for mediocrity and looking to get in better shape? If you want to get out of your everyday status quo and take your fitness workouts to the next level, check out these videos. These are tidbits and stories from Olympians about what it takes to push your body to the next level. So let’s get started in making a change!

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Follow the Olympians

Follow the great energy in this short men’s water polo workout to help you get started and into the right mindset to push yourself to the next level. This short snapshot into the exercises of these men will show you the execution of their workouts and the passion they put into it.


Explosive Workouts That Work

Check out these explosive workouts that really work your total body. There are a lot of Olympic lifts and other explosive moves. There is also a lot of cardio workouts in Olympic training. Build up your momentum so you improve your reaction time and check out the snapshot into this Olympic wrestler’s life!


Work out like a Diver

Check out the workouts that Olympic divers do to ace their games. From Pilates, gymnastics to trampoline workouts, a key component is having core strength. And another key component is to erase your fear and be a hero. If you keep your head high and believe, you will have that much more that so many do not.


Workout like a Gymnast

Follow these tips and learn some new routines from an Olympic gymnast in this video. One thing she talks about is improvement and we can all do this in workouts and life. So be positive and do not be afraid of change. As this Olympian says, erase your fears and be ready for your change. Follow this and you can go to bed knowing you too did everything you could.


Work It out

You don’t have to be an Olympian to exercise like one, so try this great Tabata workout that is sure to make you move into your best shape! There are so many athletic components in this workout of speed, strength and agility. So get in Olympic shape and follow this plan.


Olympic Abs

Follow this great workout along with healthy eating to get Olympic abs. I recommend following this video and also doing 45 minutes to an hour of cardio to get your best results.


Typical Day of a Rower

Follow this former Olympic rower with a snapshot of his workouts and day. He previews a basic pushup and a few other explosive exercises. The key to this athlete’s life is balance, persistence and passion. Find your fitness passion and make a commitment to train with love like an Olympian!

So are you ready to dig deep and train like an Olympian? Then go for the gold and give it all you got by exercising strong and eating healthy. And make today better than yesterday!

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