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Ways to get a better butt are on the covers of every major magazine and website and for good reason. A perky, round booty looks better in jeans, bikini bottoms and even prevents your underwear from sagging. And strengthening your butt helps to prevent lower back injury and gives you a spring in your step. So how do you get this beautiful booty? Well you have to work for it. So start out with this plan and be on your way to achieving your best booty!

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Drop It Low

Drop it low in a squat with fitness blender’s workout. Focus on form as they direct you in this video with proper form and range of motion. If you make sure you follow form you can make a big difference in achieving results!


Brazilian Butt Lift

With Pilates, weights and body weight exercises you can target the muscles in your butt in this workout. Follow along to help you get your beautiful butt. Go get it!


Rounded Beautiful Booty

If you want a rounder and more athletic booty perform this super effective 15 minute booty blast that will be sure to leave you feeling sore and smiling, and glad that you did this. Make sure you put your weight on your heels as you drop it low and work hard to achieving incredible results!


Ten Minute Tone up

For just over 10 minutes, lower your body into a squat and squeeze your glutes as you stand up. Keep your abs engaged and tighten the muscles you are working. Feel the burn and work your body to a perfect booty!


Victoria's Secret Booty

In a workout that lasts less than 15 minutes you can target your lower body so you can have a perky butt like the Victoria secret models. See and feel the difference in just a few weeks if you follow this workout and eat healthy!


10 Minute Booty Blast

Add some holds and pulses as you tighten your lower half and work to a perky, beautiful booty. If you want your jeans and bathing suit bottom to look great, try this booty blast. Feel and look great in a matter of weeks by following this and the other workouts!


Booty Booster Workout

Lift and tone your butt with the strong booty workout. This workout will help give you a strong lower body and help you look great in pants and bathing suit bottoms. So put in the time working your glutes so you can earn amazing results!

So are you ready to drop it low and achieve booty-ful results? Then get squatting starting now!

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Hey how can we hear these? I don't hear any sound

Hey Tara! Loved it! Thanks a lot!

I can't hear anything

I'm new,follow me I'm a starter.

Did the 15 minute butt workout . It was great going to do it every morning now

Me neither @Natasha

I need to get on this lol

Gotta try some of these videos. I think I already do some already. I would've preferred a list of pics and names of exercises so that I can pin it, and have the link in the text.

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