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It is great to have some fun while getting fit so it does not even feel like you are working out. Imagine doing this every day with great exercises you can do while watching your favorite shows. Watching television shows while you munch on snacks is so overrated; squeezing in workouts in this time is so much more worth it! Catch up on some mindless television time while you get your fit on with great workouts like these. Hope you have fun, slim down and enjoy your tv show in the process.

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Lunge and Plank

Lunges are an ultra-effective and easy workout to do while you watch TV, so lunge in place. Alternate with 3 sets of 18 to the front and then reverse to target quads then hamstrings. Add in the plank exercise to target and tone your core.


Burpee Fun

Burpees are super intense and really target the total body. They are not as easy to perform during your TV show because of the intensity but it's worth the work. During every commercial break make a goal of 8-10 burpees; perform 5 sets and you finished a great workout. This is a start to a healthy and happier life.


Resistance Band Workout

Simple exercises that are easy to perform while watching your favorite show can be done. Check out this video to guide you in getting started. Just mute the music and follow along so that you can get your sweat on! And resistance bands are a great way to boost your metabolic rate and tone without building bulk.


12 Minutes of Madness

This great workout brought to you by Body Rock can really rock your world if you let it so go at your own pace and if you need a short break, take it. This workout can be done during every commercial since it does require a little more focus than the others but I promise it is so worth it!


Jump Rope It out

Skip yourself slim as you watch your show. Jumping rope is one of the highest calorie burners, so skip to the beat as you watch your show. Speed it up to increase the intensity and maximize the calorie burn and have fun in the process!


Skinny Jeans Workout

In just 10 minutes while you watch your TV show, you can work your total body so that you can comfortably squeeze into your skinny jeans without effort. So follow this video and make sure you eat healthy to make the most out of all the work you are putting in!


Tighten Those Abs

I love this workout and the ab exercises are absolutely amazing! Just remember that a healthy diet is vital to achieve super slim and sculpted abs. So eat clean and train mean to achieve your fitness goals! Engage those abs and get working!

Catch up on some solid TV time as you work out with these great routines! Are you ready to get your fit on and have fun?

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I trust Tara and all, but if a trainer is recommending pasta or processed foods and say NOTHING about with organic or GMO free, then they don't really know what a healthy diet is

People think eating low-fat dairy is better for them, but they don't know the truth. People think eating high-fat dairy is going to make them fat; but what they haven't thought of is, what if fat doesn't make you fat?

If it's organic (and such) then the fat isn't to be afraid of Sorry lol typo 😝😝😝

My trainer turned me on to the blood type diet it's worked for me I was struggling with the last 20lbs and doing all I was supposed to . Not all of us digest and store food the same way, it works for me I love it

The 80/20 diet is a great way to lose weight and eat healthy. It's pretty much what Nurieto was saying. A lot of models and movie stars do that diet.

Society have been teaching people what to eat through TV, media, doctors etc. But they don't always tell the truth. Some people will say that pasta is healthy because it has fibre, it doesn't have any fibre compared to some vegetables that are actually healthy

By eating "clean" what exactly do you mean? What kind of diet do you think a healthy diet is?

cool fun to go to gym

Mainly remove any kind of processed food from your diet, this meanibg foods like fast food or any ither comercialised ready made or baked goods. if you do not know what it is exactly made of or if in the label you find too many weird substances that you cannot even pronounce, you better stay away from it. But this dirsn't mean that now and then you can not indulge a little but and crav some of your favourite foods. Hope this helps.

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