Have Fun While Getting Fit - Exercises to do While Watching TV ...

It is great to have some fun while getting fit so it does not even feel like you are working out. Imagine doing this every day with great exercises you can do while watching your favorite shows. Watching television shows while you munch on snacks is so overrated; squeezing in workouts in this time is so much more worth it! Catch up on some mindless television time while you get your fit on with great workouts like these. Hope you have fun, slim down and enjoy your tv show in the process.

1. Lunge and Plank

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Lunges are an ultra-effective and easy workout to do while you watch TV, so lunge in place. Alternate with 3 sets of 18 to the front and then reverse to target quads then hamstrings. Add in the plank exercise to target and tone your core.

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