7 Jump Rope Workouts to Slim down and Shape up ...


7 Jump Rope Workouts to Slim down and Shape up ...
7 Jump Rope Workouts to Slim down and Shape up ...

Jumping rope is a memory most of us hold as children but as we get older we never look at this as a fitness tool. But jumping rope is actually the highest per minute calorie torcher so this is a super effective way to help you get in shape. So invest in a jump rope and get ready for a great workout. If you follow these videos you will learn variations and ways to switch up your jumping rope routine. So jump it out as you work your way to getting fitter, stronger and healthier!

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10 Minute Jump Rope Workout

Jump rope is not just for kids play, it is a super effective cardio workout and can help you get in shape. Start out with this 10 minute jump rope circuit to help you to get in shape. So get your sweat on and have fun like a child!


Switch It up

Switch up the standard jump rope form and try these 23 different ways to jump rope to challenge your body and your mind. If you want a killer body, master jumping rope. Jump your way to your best shape!


Bump up Intensity

Bump up the intensity with this great cardio jumping rope routine. Follow this routine so you can work your way to a quick sweet sweat and super results. I promise this workout will challenge you!


Workout with Tony

P90X creator Tony Horton shows you a super jump rope workout for just 10 minutes. So follow along and keep up with Tony, I dare you! How in the world does he make this workout look so easy?


Break out of Basics

Break away from the basics and check out 50 super effective jumping exercises that will be sure to challenge you! These variations are great because you can work different muscle groups and put your body to the test. Are you ready for the challenge? Then get jumping!


Fit for Fun

Have fun and get in fit in less than 10 minutes. This jumping rope workout is short and sweet so you can easily squeeze into your day. Make note in this video her jump rope is too long, make sure you have a rope that is appropriate for your height or wrap around your wrists if it is too long.


Jump It out

You are the boss of your body so treat it right by exercising and eating healthy. Pick up the pace and skip to the beat of your jump rope to help you get in shape. In this video you can follow along as you fall in love with fitness with Dr. Solomon leading the way!

So tell me are you ready to jump your way to your best shape? Then get up and get moving. You deserve to be in your best shape!

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