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11 XHIT Workouts Worth Trying out ...

By Charissa

Get fab and fit with XHIT workouts! XHIT workouts are great for getting into shape, toning up your muscles or if you're looking for ways to change your exercise routine. The XHIT personal trainers are so full of energy that they will infect you with their enthusiasm to work out as well. It's similar to having your own personal trainer to spur you on, and did I mention that all these workouts are readily available on YouTube with new uploads frequently? Time to get your burn on!

1 5 Minute Abs Workout

If you really want a flat stomach, you've got to work for it! This workout from the long list of XHIT workouts available only requires 5 minutes of your time. That's right, just 5 minutes! No equipment needed and the workout can be done at the comfort of your own home. Now ... what's with that excuse of "no time"?

2 Rapid Abs Workout

Doing the 5 minute abs workout just once won't do much for burning that belly fat. So, once you can't feel the burn any more, it's time to challenge yourself with the rapid abs workout. You would want to squeeze in as many repetitions of each exercise within the 30 seconds for it to be thoroughly effective, but remember to maintain the right posture and not over-exert yourself.


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3 Burn 50 Calories in Less than 3 Minutes

I am sure you can set aside just 3 minutes of your time to burn 50 calories. Five exercises with 30 seconds each and you're done! Repeat the workout if you want to burn off more calories or combine this with another XHIT workout to shed those extra pounds. Grab a workout partner to keep you motivated and get going. Come on girls, all it takes is just 3 minutes, you can do this!

4 The Chair Workout

Too lazy to exercise? We've all been there! Watching workout videos is easy, but when it comes to getting your butt off the chair and doing the deed ... groans! Well, you don't have to get your butt off the chair for most parts of this workout (yay!) which makes it great for sneaking in a workout here and there while watching TV.

5 Thigh Thinner

Get ready to feel the burn for this one on not just your thighs alone, but butt too! Of course it wouldn't be a thigh workout without squats. Believe me when I say your thighs are indeed going to be on fire with pile squats and the squat and kick exercise. The thigh thinner workout includes the skater hops exercise too, which can be a fun way to get you heart rate up.

6 Supermodel Butt Workout

Go from lazy butt to supermodel butt with this XHIT workout that focuses solely on your glutes. Guest host Andrea Orbeck was a personal trainer for several Victoria's Secret models, like Hedi Klum! In this video, she teaches you actual exercises those models do to tone, tighten and lift their butt. Want a toosh that's supermodel worthy? Then, this is a workout definitely worth trying out!

7 Train like a Victoria's Secret Model

You've got down getting your butt like a supermodel, now train like a Victoria's Secret angel! Andrea Orbeck once again spills workout secrets of Victoria's Secret models. In a series of five exercises, a minute each, you will sure find it hard to carry on past 30 seconds. Push through though; it's definitely worth the burn!

8 Miley Cyrus Workout

Besides Victoria's Secret workouts, XHIT Daily also uploads celebrity inspired workouts. Great, right? I may not be a fan of Miley Cyrus but I'm definitely lusting over her midriff. This girl has some seriously killer abs! It's no wonder she's frequently seen sporting a crop top. With a toned tummy like Miley's, wouldn't you too? Alright, you know what to do if you want abs like Miley, hit the play button and start working out!

9 Crossfit Workout

This is another workout that takes 5 minutes, but with only two different exercises, and it's no easy peasy! With the two exercises being thrusters and burpees, you will agree why it's also known as 5 minutes of hell. If you're wondering what a thruster is, it's a squat combined with an overhead press. You can easily swap a medicine ball with a pair of dumbbells to do the thrusters.

10 Total Arm Workout

You don't want to forget about your arms while toning the rest of your body. Mix in this total arm workout with your other routines for sculpted arms. Be prepared for your arms to be really sore after this, and like Rebecca Louise says, take rests in between if you need to. She starts off with 5 lbs weight and moves up to 10 lbs for the overhead extension, but you can use 3 lbs weight if you're just starting out.

11 10 Minute High Intensity Workout

Speed up your heart rate and get a good burn with this 10 minute high intensity work. You can see Rebecca Louise herself feeling the effects of the fast-paced workout. Thank goodness for that 10 seconds of break after each exercise! High intensity workouts burn more calories during and even 24 hours after the workout. It's fast, efficient and effective for melting those fats away!

XHIT workouts not only whip you into shape, but they also have the perks of being able to do them at home! So, for those of you who can't find time to go to the gym or simply don't like going to the gym because you prefer to sweat in solitude, then XHIT workouts are for you. Will you be trying out any of these XHIT workouts?

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