10 Workouts That Will Beat You up in a Good Way ...


Sometimes to achieve our goal results we need to take it to the next level and push ourselves to be something greater. And this means stepping away from the same workouts we have been doing to push ourselves in a challenge. The only way to achieve change is to continue to work for it and these workouts won’t be easy but I promise you they will absolutely be worth it! Just as the saying goes, the good things in life do not come easy and you get out what you put in. So check out these workouts and challenge yourself to greater change!

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Burpee Challenge

Burpees are one of my favorite exercises because they truly challenge you. Since this is a compound exercise you will work multiple muscle groups at once to help boost your metabolism and transform your body. To give yourself a great workout, aim for 3 sets of 18 and be ready to feel the burn!


High Intensity Workout

If you want to really challenge your body and your mind, perform this body weight workout by fitness blender. This high intensity workout is super effective and to make the most out of this, make sure you eat healthy. It won’t be easy but it will be worth it!


Lunge for Your Life

To work the muscle in your legs and help achieve metabolic boosting results, lunges are the go-to exercise. In fact as a certified trainer this is a staple in my clients' routines as well as my own. Perform 3 sets of 18 for the best results. And finish your lunge workout with a 4 mile run. I promise you will not regret it as you feel the burn and see your body change within a matter of weeks!


Tabata for Daredevils

Try this workout, I dare you! It is ultra- effective and even the best athletes will find themselves challenged. When you try this workout you will see why. I love the challenge because this equals mega results!


Pushups to a Better Body

Pushups are a super exercise to target the upper body and push yourself to a better body. And depending on where you position your arms you can actually target different areas of your arm. This is an exercise where you will most definitely feel the burn and see the results so make sure you integrate this into your current routine!



I love the starburst exercise because it targets the core and total body. This exercise combined with your cardio routine and healthy eating can transform your body! And you will become strong to the core. I usually perform 3 sets of 18 and then go for a 2-4 mile run.


Park Exercises

Start your workout with a 2 mile run and then stop at the playground to revisit your childhood roots. It will be so much fun! And there are so many effective exercises you can do as part of your child’s play and in the process you will really work your body. You will have so much fun it will not even feel like a workout!


100 Squat Challenge

This video is insane! It's 10 squat variations with 10 reps each-sounds easy right? Until you realize by the end you'll be doing 100 squats. And your legs will totally hate you the rest of the week, BUT, you'll wind up with killer thighs and glutes if you do it regularly!


50 Bridge Challenge

Oh my! Talk about a killer butt work out! This video works your glutes and hips (love handles) for a total booty makeover. Tighten, tone, and get that nice C Shaped tush you've always dreamed of by completing this challenge regularly.


The 7-Minute Workout

While 7 minutes doesn't sound like a lot, this workout puts you through the wringer! It'll have you in shape in no time and is short enough you're only excuse not finding time to do it is you don't want to.

So choose from one of these effective workouts that won’t be easy but it will be worth it. The way to achieve success is through hard work, dedication and determination. So choose to achieve fitness and health success by performing one of these great workouts! Are you ready for the challenge?

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