9 Water Workouts to Buff You up ...


9 Water Workouts to Buff You up ...
9 Water Workouts to Buff You up ...

You're part mermaid, right? So what better place to workout than in the water? Truly, though, it's excellent cardio and it's easy on your knees... why not give it a go? Here are a few water workouts to get you started.

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For All Levels

For All Levels Source: 6 Tips to Improve Your


For Beginners

For Beginners


For Intermediate Swimmers

For Intermediate Swimmers Source: 3 Swimming Workouts for Every


Swimming Workout

Swimming Workout Source: gabrielaelenablog.com


Fartlek Swimming

Fartlek Swimming Source: Swimming Workout: Fartleks Fit Bottomed


Swim Workout

Swim Workout Source: Let’s go for a DIP!


Beginner's Swim Workout

Beginner's Swim Workout Source: Beginner Swim Workout


Slim in a Splash

Slim in a Splash Source: A Pinnable Pool Workout


Water Works

Water Works Source: water workouts for summer

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