7 Leg and Butt Exercises That Will Have You Rocking Your Summer Shorts ...


Are you looking for leg and butt exercises so that you can sculpt your legs? Soon you will be wearing your summer shorts, so why not wear them with pride? Stop staring at the women in magazines with the sculpted legs of your dreams and start doing something about it! As a certified trainer and busy mom of 3, I love my legs now even more than when I was in my teens. I have helped many clients to love their legs so let me share with you these great leg and butt exercises so that you can rock your summer shorts this year:

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Squats are a girl’s best friend, right? If not, they should be, because squats can literally transform the shape of your legs and butt. If you want to lift, tighten and tone your butt, perform 3 sets of 18 squats 3 days a week. This is one of the leg and butt exercises that will become a staple in your workout routine because it works that well!


Squat Hold

A squat hold is the best way to spend your free time while brushing your teeth, isn't it? If not, you should start because just a 2 minute squat hold each day can transform the shape of your butt and hamstrings. To get into your summer shorts with a smile, just add this exercise into your day!


Jump Squats

Jump squats are the exercise you do while you are waiting in the checkout line at the grocery store, right? Okay this may be going a bit too far but you should seriously add this explosive exercise into your workout plan. Jump squats not only target the legs and butt but also the core.



Do you find yourself lunging through the house while you chat on the phone? Great job, because this is an effective way to isolate the larger leg muscle groups while targeting your butt. And multitasking is a great way to get your workout in!


Jump Lunges

Do you find yourself performing jump lunges after you complete a set of walking lunges and you really feel the burn? Excellent job because you are working hard to achieving incredible results. And this exercise is great to burn fat and tone your butt and legs! Start jumping!


Leg Lifts

As you watch your favorite television show, perform leg lifts because this exercise really targets your legs and butt. The next day you feel the burn from this callisthenic exercise that targets your goal areas. Good going, now keep with it and make sure you integrate some cardio as well.


High Knees

Lift your legs up high to target to work your hi-knee! Perform this exercise for 2 minutes, then rest, repeat 5 times to get an effective workout. Finish with a 20 minute run, bike ride, or swim. Now that is a productive workout that will give you the most out of every fitness moment!

Now that you know the exercises that will sculpt your legs and butt, are you ready to get working? You can achieve incredible results if you put the time of training into it. Just ask yourself how bad do you want this? Prove it, when you work out!

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