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Over the years, I have made many attempts to stick to a regular workout routine by joining countless gyms, purchasing exercise machines for my home and participating in group exercise classes. However, no matter how hard I tried to get into the habit of working out, I could never stick to a workout schedule because I wasn’t enjoying the exercise. Well, one day, while I was playing around online, I stumbled upon a wacky piece of exercise equipment that caught my eye. This discovery prompted me to look for other wacky exercise machines, and after a little bit of digging, I came up with some real doozies. Is it possible that these wacky pieces of equipment could change my whole attitude about exercise?

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Hula Chair

Hula Chair The first unusual piece of equipment I found online was the Hula Chair. After you sit down in the seat and turn it on, the seat spins around to simulate hula dancing. This may not be one of the most strenuous exercise machines on the market, but for someone who doesn’t break a sweat very often, it can really increase the heart rate. I became obsessed with this wacky machine and actually purchase one, after finding a great deal on Craigslist. Since buying it a couple months ago, I continue to use it almost daily and still have so much fun with it.


IJoy Board

IJoy Board This machine, by Human Touch, seems to be a bit more scarce than others, but it is still possible to find it online. Basically, you stand on the iJoy Board, like a skateboard, and try to keep your balance as it moves around. Believe me, it is more challenging than it looks! It comes with a remote control, attached to a lanyard, so you can put it around your neck and adjust the speed while you are standing on it. This wacky piece of equipment is a blast to use and great for the legs.


The IJoy Board is a great way to challenge your balance and coordination. It can help strengthen your legs and core, while also providing a fun and unique workout experience. It is designed with a remote control that is attached to a lanyard, so you can adjust the speed while you are standing on it. The IJoy Board is suitable for all ages, and it is an excellent way to get in some physical activity without having to go to the gym. Plus, it is a great way to have some fun and challenge yourself while you exercise.



IGallop The iGallop is designed to simulate the feeling of riding a horse. Shortly after I bought my Hula Chair, I became so intrigued by the iGallop that I had to have one. When I sit on it, I am reminded of the feeling I had, as a kid, when I rode those 25-cent kiddie rides outside of K-mart. This wacky machine has four different speeds and the idea is to stay balanced on it while it gallops and trots. I have a great time using it and, believe it or not, this piece of equipment really does help tighten the abs and thighs.


The iGallop is a unique exercise machine that simulates the feeling of riding a horse. It is a great way to get a full body workout, as it helps to tighten the abs and thighs. It has four different speeds and the idea is to stay balanced while it gallops and trots.

The iGallop is a great way to get fit and have fun at the same time. It is a great alternative to a treadmill or elliptical, as it provides a more dynamic and engaging workout. It is a great way to work out the entire body, as it helps to tone and strengthen the core, legs, and arms.

The iGallop is easy to use and requires no special skills or knowledge. It can be used by anyone, regardless of their fitness level. It is also a great way to get in some cardio, as it can help to increase heart rate and burn calories.

The iGallop is a great addition to any home gym. It is a fun and unique way to get a full body workout. It is also a great way to keep motivated and stay on track with your fitness goals.


RipSurfer X

RipSurfer X The RipSurfer X is produced by the company, Surfset Fitness. It is designed to look like a surfboard and simulates the feeling of riding the ocean waves. Unlike some of the other wacky exercise machines out there, the RipSurfer X is not powered by electricity. It is marketed as a total-body surf trainer and it appears to give a pretty intense workout. If you need more of a challenge, the company makes resistance bands that can be attached to it, too.


Rodeo Pro Core Trainer

Rodeo Pro Core Trainer This crazy machine is a lot like the iGallop, except it is designed to simulate the feeling of riding a bull, rather than a horse. The handle strap is located behind you, and it appears to resemble the feeling of riding one of those bucking broncos you might see at a cowboy bar. Because of it’s constant bucking, the Rodeo Pro Core Trainer causes you to lose your center of balance. Your abs and core get a good workout while trying to keep you balanced in the seat. I found some online videos of people riding this machine and it really looks like a lot of fun.


The Rodeo Pro Core Trainer doesn't just provide an unconventional workout; it brings the rodeo right into your living room. As this device rhythmically tosses and turns, users must engage their entire core to maintain posture and stability. It's particularly effective for targeting those deeper, stabilizing muscles that are often overlooked in traditional exercise routines. If you've ever fancied the thrill of a wild rodeo experience without any of the risks associated with a real bucking bull, this machine could be the perfect addition to your fitness arsenal. Just be prepared for some curious stares if you've got the curtains open!



Gyroboard The Gyroboard is advertised as an all-in-one sports board that you can use in all sorts of ways including martial arts, rugby and skateboard training. It does not run on electricity because the balance board is perched atop a giant spring. There are removable handles that help you stay balanced and a break that will lock the spring if you want the board to remain stationary. The possibilities for this wacky piece of equipment are seemingly endless. Its availability is fairly limited because it was patented in New Zealand and has yet to catch on in the States.


Designed to enhance balance and coordination, the Gyroboard is a game-changer for athletic training. Whether you're looking to nail those complicated yoga poses, improve your core stability for surfing, or just shake up your home gym routine, this innovative board offers a quirky twist to conventional workout equipment. Surprisingly versatile, it's also perfect for physical therapy or rehabilitation, giving it a practical edge beyond its novelty appeal. Ready to wobble your way to fitness? Be prepared to hunt one down, as they're still a rare find outside their Kiwi homeland.


IJoy Twist

IJoy Twist Here is another wild machine that you sit on to stay balanced. The iJoy Twist is a bit different than the others, though. Not only does it move like a horse or bull, but it also twists around in every direction. I have never tried one, but it looks like it is designed to take the iGallop to the next level. I was tempted to buy one before I bought my iGallop, but the iJoy Twist’s price tag is almost double. Unless I find a sale or a good deal on a used one, it will be awhile before I can afford this awesome machine.

I was a bit skeptical before I bought my Hula Chair and iGallop because I was afraid they would end up becoming large clothing racks, similar to the fate of my past exercise machines. I’m pleased to report that no clothing has been thrown on top of them because I continue to use them so often. Have you ever tried a wacky exercise machine?

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