7 Exercises to up the Intensity of Your Workouts ...


7 Exercises to up the Intensity of Your Workouts ...
7 Exercises to up the Intensity of Your Workouts ...

If you are tired of doing the same workouts and are ready to bump it up to the next level to challenge yourself, then you should definitely try the great workouts I am going to recommend for you. From time to time we can all get complacent with our workouts and feel like we are lacking desired results. So don’t throw in the towel and blame it on genetics because you can get into your best shape. Just up the intensity and switch up your workouts with these great routines:

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Interval Workout

Interval workouts are a great metabolic booster and can enhance your fitness performance. So try a workout like this one and push yourself to a whole new level. This workout (minus the bad music) is completely safe for all levels and you can add repetitions as you get stronger. And this video is of me, your trainer and fitness motivator, so enjoy and get your workout in!


Box Jumps

Box jumps are an explosive plyometric exercise that will work your larger muscle groups and core. This exercise will give you the after burn that will have your metabolism soaring for hours. Just follow the tips in this video to perform safely and effectively.


Kettle Bell Exercises

Kettle bell exercises are not just for those looking to get cut up and increase strength. If you want a stronger core and to prevent injuries, kettle bells could be just what you need. So check out this video and follow the 6 primal movements that you do every day. They may look easy but I promise you will be challenged!


Handstand Pushups

Don’t let the thought of handstand pushups have you shaking your head no, because you can do this even if you are a beginner. Follow this video and perform with resistance bands. You can even modify the exercise by using the wall for assistance. You will be amazed at your own strength!


Pushup Variations

By varying your push up style you can work different muscle groups and target your entire upper body. And there is a modification everyone can do by simply going on your knees until you build strength to perform the unassisted version. So check out this video of 10 push up variations. I love clap push up! What is your favorite push up style?


Plank on Exercise Ball

The plank, the number one core exercise, can be brought to the next level by performing an exercise ball or bosu ball. This extra accessory will actually challenge you even more by creating an instability that requires you to work your core even more. So tighten your abdominal muscles and get in your best shape!


Sprinting Intervals

I have always loved the benefits of distance running for health and appearance but if you lack the time or passion, why not perform sprinting intervals. Intervals require a lot less time and you can still enjoy the aesthetic and health benefits as you get from distance running. So follow this video and get into the great outdoors to sprint your body slim and strong!

So are you ready to bump your workouts to the next level so that you can achieve your best shape? Then get moving to these workouts and achieve the inner and outer greatness that you deserve!

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