9 Bootcamp Workouts to Help You Get in Shape ...

By Tara

When I was younger, I always wanted to join a bootcamp that would whip me into super-fit shape. I wanted to find an ultra-effective workout that would transform my body. Sound familiar? Now as a certified trainer, bootcamp creator, and proud writer for you, I do this every day! Bootcamp workouts are effective in targeting the total body and helping you to get in your best shape ever. So stop dreaming and start doing, because you deserve to achieve fitness and health greatness!

1 Bootcamp Workout

Check out this bootcamp style workout from yours truly as I give you a snapshot of fitness in my world. If you repeat this workout four times and follow this with a 2 mile run, you will get a great workout!

2 Lunge and Plank

Get ready to work your lower body and core with these two ultra-effective exercises. The lunge and plank are exercises that are a staple of bootcamp because they are so powerful. So follow the tips in this video in perfecting your form and work your way up to 4 sets of 18 on each leg for the lunge and a 3 minute plank.

3 Body Rock Bootcamp

You cannot go wrong with these Body Rock workout videos. They are super intense and the fitness instructors look absolutely amazing! Just seeing the physique on these instructors is motivation alone. Now pair that with their expertise in instruction and it is a win win. Follow this bootcamp for 21 days straight and you will get in your best shape!

4 30 Minute Bodyweight Bootcamp

Follow trainer Adam Rosante to help you get in your best shape for summer. In this 30 minute body weight bootcamp all you need are your sneakers and energy and be ready to work hard. And you can do this on the road, in your home or just about anywhere else. Follow along with this video and work your body. Make sure to eat healthy to get the most out of this workout!

5 Eight Minute Bootcamp Workout

Follow these 6 moves and then repeat to get your bootcamp workout in for today. Make sure to engage your abs and tighten your muscles during this workout so that you can see ultimate body changing results.. And if upon completion you are ready for more, repeat and rewind to do it again!

6 Yes Sergeant

Follow Drill Sergeant Rebecca as she whips you into phenomenal fitness shape with star jumps and a host of other military exercises that just work.

7 Outdoor Bootcamp

Get fit in the great outdoors with this body weight bootcamp! These exercises are great to help you get into super fit shape fast. I am no stranger to outdoor bootcamp since I have done this for almost a decade and loved every fitness moment. So take your workout outside and enjoy!

8 Get Awesome with Austin

Workout with Denise Austin in this awesome strength and cardio bootcamp. All the athletic inspired exercises can rev your metabolic rate and keep you begging for more. All are simple exercises that by lifting one leg as you work out can target your core and upper body at the same time. Simple steps can make a big difference in achieving your goals.

9 Double Denise

Work double fun with Denise Austin and perform this super bootcamp workout. As you perform the warm up you may think this will be easy but it gets progressively harder! So follow along and move to the grove of this great workout. Denise will not disappoint, especially if you keep up with her!

So are you ready to get in bootcamp fitness shape? Then what are you waiting for, start now!

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