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7 Weeks to a Fit and Toned Body ...

By Tara

Are you searching for the best ways to achieve a fit and toned body? With hard work and dedication, you can transform your body in just 7 weeks. As long as you are ready to put in the time and energy, you can achieve incredible results in this short time. If you focus and stay on track, the sky is the limit. As a certified trainer for countless lives, I am here to help you with these 7 weeks of steps to a fit and toned body:

1 Week 1

In order to achieve a fit and toned body, you need to clean out your pantry and refrigerator, then stock them with plenty of healthy options like veggies, fruits and whole grains. One of the best ways to achieve a fit and toned body is to focus on clean, healthy eating. You should also focus on perfecting the squat this week.

2 Week 2

On week two, set out a fitness schedule that you can adhere to and get going. Make sure your schedule reflects the goals you desire. Week two should involve a complete focus on the steps you have to take to achieve a fit and toned body. If you do not know where to begin, meet with a trainer so they can create a customized plan, based on your fitness and health goals. Set your focus on perfecting your pushup this week to achieve your goals.


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3 Week 3

Weigh in and take body composition measurements to see where you are in your fitness level and how far you have to go. If your body composition is high, chances are your fitness level is low and you have quite a bit of body fat to lose. So get on track so that you can see amazing results. Focus on a longer plank this week to help you achieve your goals.

4 Week 4

Register for a biking, swimming or running race to put your body to the test and have something to work for. Endurance events are an effective way to help you to stay motivated to work towards your goals of having a fit and toned body. Focus on performing lunges this week as part of your training.

5 Week 5

Assess your progress by weighing in, taking your measurements and putting your endurance to the test. Head to the track for a run and test your cardio strength. Give it all you've got and run 1 mile. Every week, you should retest this to see how far you have come. Focus on running as fast as you can!

6 Week 6

Try some new fitness this week. Head to the local Bootcamp to put your fitness to the test and lay it all out there. Hopefully you will see major progress and if not, maybe you should continue with this class to help stay on track. This week focus on pushing your body to the next level.

7 Week 7

Review how far you have come in the past 6 weeks and how far you have to go. Take your measurements and weigh in to chart your progress. If you have stayed on track, you will have achieved your goals and will be feeling complete satisfaction.

Now that you have completed 7 weeks to a fit and toned body, are you feeling satisfied with the results you earned? Congratulations for completing this program, keep it up for continued success!

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