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As you stare at your stomach, wishing for great results, you may be wondering if there are tips for abs so that you can slim down. Since the abdominal area is the trouble area for the majority of people, how great would it be to have a solution? Well, look no further because I have some great tips to help you to achieve the abs you have always wanted. As a mom of three, I have slimmer abs and a stronger core now than I did even before I had children. It does help that I am a trainer helping countless people to achieve this because I know just what to do, and now I will share this with you. Here are the ultimate waist cinching tips for abs:

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Focus on a Healthy Eating

One of the best tips for abs is to focus on healthy eating. Increase your intake of veggies and fruits and only eat whole grains. If you focus on healthy eating you will see a tremendous difference in your abdominal region. Did you know that a simple step like only drinking water can alleviate bloating in your stomach? Eating healthy is one of the best tips for abs because this can help you to flatten your stomach.


Do You do Enough Cardio?

If you do not focus on cardio exercises, you will not burn enough calories and you may find yourself unhappy with your stomach. Make sure you do 45 minutes to an hour of cardio exercise at three times a week so that you can slim down and see abdominal definition. This is a great way to sculpt your body.


Effective Abs Exercises

Abdominal exercises like a simple crunch and the plank can help you to strengthen your stomach muscles. If you combine this with healthy eating, you will see tremendous results and cinch your waist!


Tighten It

Tighten your stomach so that you can see better definition in your abs and teach your abs to stay tight. A simple 15 second hold several times a day can do just this and you'll be surprised by the great difference this makes in helping to tighten your abdominal area.


Eliminate or Reduce Toxins

If you are a soda and candy lover but dying to flatten your abs, you have to make a choice. Soda and candy will bloat your stomach and can add pounds to your stomach. Simply reducing or eliminating sugary snacks and drinks will cause almost instant results. So you make the choice.


Not Just Genetics

Stop blaming your genes for your larger sized jeans. Sure it will be harder for you if your family tends to be larger but slimming down your stomach it is possible, so do not give up. If you follow these tips you can see a reduction in the fat in your abdominal region and fight your genetic propensities!


Mini Meals Are Paramount

Stop eating whenever you are hungry and get on a schedule to eat when you are not hungry. If-you eat every 2-3 hours, you can supply your body with healthy nutrition, rather than giving in to cravings. You will also eat a smaller amount when you eat on a schedule.

Now that you have waist cinching tips to help you get in your best shape, are you ready to make these changes? Work hard, stay focused and push yourself so you can achieve great results! It is all within you!

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What do you recommend if you can't eat gluten? I'm getting ready to start working out hard and I'm trying to figure out how to get some good calories in. I know lean protein, fruits and veggies, but what replaces the whole wheat?

Cardio... I do every other workout under the sun except for cardio, why did It have to be cardio??

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