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As your vacation quickly approaches, you may be wondering what the ways to get awesome abs are. For me, once my vacation is simply booked, I find myself more motivated to get working on my abs. There are certain exercises and nutritional choices you can make to greatly affect you achieving results to get the lean abs you desire. As a personal trainer I have helped countless men and women find quick ways to get awesome abs and now I am here to help you.

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Lean abs are made in the kitchen and sculpted in your fitness workout. So choose to eat your leafy greens, avoid carbs at night and limit or eliminate processed foods. If you eat clean, you will be a step closer in the ways to get awesome abs of your dreams!



Drinking water and staying hydrated will help you to eliminate bloating on your stomach so you can achieve your lean abs for vacation. I like to put lemon slices in my water since this is a natural diuretic that can eliminate any excess bloating. When I have an event coming up I am so ritualistic because I know these little tips make a big difference on your abs. Also lower your sodium intake as this can attribute to bloating.


Cardio Exercise

Second to diet, cardio exercise is the best way to lean down and sculpt your stomach. I find running and plyometric exercises (jumping exercises like jump squat) usually work best because they burn the most fat. Make sure you exercise for over 30 minutes to burn fat and get in the best shape for your vacation!


Ab Exercises

Ab exercises, like the plank, will help you tone your stomach and strengthen the muscles, but remember this will not lean your abs down. It is important to perform abdominal exercises so that as you lean down, you reveal a sculpted stomach. But diet is still the number one way to achieve lean abs.


Tightening Your Core

As you stand in line at the grocery store, tighten your core. Engage your abdominal muscles so you can reveal lean abs. Hold these muscles for just 15-20 seconds and the results will be amazing. After three children, I still have a 6 pack because of tips like this one. Actually, my stomach is even more sculpted after three kids and yours can be too!



Stretch out your stomach into a cobra for 15-20 seconds and take a deep breath to relax your abdominal muscles and your spine. You can achieve amazing results as long as you work hard and follow these simple lean ab tips!


Avoiding Toxins

Getting wild and crazy with some drinks this weekend? I know, it sounds like fun, but think again or at least limit this because this will cause excess bloating and have you feeling puffy in your bikini. This is definitely not a way to get awesome abs. While you are at it, eliminate sugar and soda because these are all toxins that will keep you from having your leanest and most awesome abs. I promise it will all be worth it when you achieve your great results!

So now that you have all these tips to help you get awesome abs for vacation, tell me where are you off to this year? Hope you feel great and achieve the abs of your dreams!

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