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30 Toned Body Infographics You Need to Look at Now ...

By Jennifer

I don't want to be thin, I want to be healthy, fit, and toned! So I've gathered these toned body infographics and workouts to help me get fit and lose the flab (and maybe a dress size while I'm at it). To see the entire image, just give it a tap - I wonder how many calories that burns?

1 Kettlebell Moves

Kettlebell Moves Source: 14 Kettlebell Moves for an

2 Tight Abs

Tight Abs Source: The (15 Minute) Belly Blasting

3 Beat Belly Fat

Beat Belly Fat Source: Why Tropical Fruits Are Key

4 Try TRX

Try TRX Source: The 20-Minute TRX Workout [INFOGRAPHIC]

5 Toned Legs

Toned Legs Source: 10 Free Printable Workouts to

6 Toned Thighs

Toned Thighs Source: fit

7 Office Workout

Office Workout Source: Working Out in the Workplace

8 Gala Bingo Workout

Gala Bingo Workout Source:

9 Slim Your Waist

Slim Your Waist Source: Back On Pointe

10 Best Little Booty

Best Little Booty Source: 23 Fit Butt Infographics That

11 How Yoga Changes Your Body

How Yoga Changes Your Body Source: LOOK: How Yoga Changes Your

12 How to do Sun Salutation

How to do Sun Salutation Source: Yoga Infographic | How To

13 Body Sculpting HIIT

Body Sculpting HIIT Source: Body Sculpting HIIT Workout Infographic

14 Running Form is Very Important

Running Form is Very Important Source: Run Faster, Longer, Stronger, and

15 Triangle Pose

Triangle Pose Source: How To Do Triangle Pose

16 Downward Dog

Downward Dog Source: How To Do Downward Dog

17 Warrior 1

Warrior 1 Source: How To Do Warrior 1

18 Wow, That's a Lot of Work!

Wow, That's a Lot of Work! Source: What It Will Take To

19 Morning Yoga

Morning Yoga Source: Quick Morning Yoga Sequence [educational

20 Just 10 Minutes

Just 10 Minutes Source: The 10-Minute Core-Blasting Pilates Workout

21 Beat the Freshman 15

Beat the Freshman 15 Source: Tips for Beating the Freshman

22 PiYo!

PiYo! Source: PiYo Workout! -

23 Benefits of Running

Benefits of Running Source: Top 10 Benefits of Running

24 Super Food SuperGuide

Super Food SuperGuide Source: The Super Food Super Guide

25 Clean Eating

Clean Eating Source: Clean Eating: Do's & Don'ts

26 Walk It off, Walk It off...

Walk It off, Walk It off... Source: The Benefits of Walking (Infographic)

27 The Weeks

The Weeks Source: Wanna Lose Fat and Keep

28 Which Workout?

Which Workout? Source: Your Best Exercise Routine Right

29 30 Minutes

30 Minutes Source: How To Lifehack Your Exercise

30 And Last but Not Least...

And Last but Not Least... Source: Infographic: Everything to Know About

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