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Eye of the Tiger - Exercises to Improve Your Agility ...

By Tara

Have you ever watched the movie Rocky and wished you could move just like that? Speed, balance and having complete spatial awareness is the eye of the tiger! With the right training, you can have this too. If you want to move like a pro athlete you have to train with specific agility exercises. So put down the TV remote control, lace up your kicks and get ready to train like a professional! Here are a few exercises that will help you to improve your agility:

1 Jumping Rope

Improve your agility with this jumping rope workout in just six minutes. This workout will help you to improve your foot work and is great prep for just about any athletic sport. Follow along to this video to get back to your childhood roots and jump like it is your favorite thing to do (or maybe it is ;-)).

2 Box Jumps

Box jumps are a workout seen most often in obstacle course training, military training, professional athletics and even cross-fit. If you are not impressed with this workout, try it for yourself and you may rethink that. This exercise is challenging because it takes both mental and physical strength to perform. So jump high with all of your might!

3 Sprints

If you want to run faster, you need to integrate sprints into your workout. Actually, this workout is a core component for agility training. Follow along with this video and push yourself to a whole new level. If you want to see gains in your speed, you need to put in the work with workouts just like these! Don’t forget all the strength exercises that are included in this video as well.

4 Strengthening Exercises Are Amazing

After 8 rounds of ouch, you will feel amazing with this super effective strengthening workout. This routine will have you feeling incredible in no time and also help to better your agility. To have control of your body, strength is key. This workout will help you to achieve this!

5 Don’t Forget Core Training

No training would be complete and balanced without core training so do not neglect this essential part of fitness. Do these 3 core moves with trainer Kai Wheeler to help build your strength and better your agility. Follow along with her tips and directions so you can make the most out of the exercises!

6 Hill Training Does Wonders

Hill training is beneficial to nearly all sports but will help you majorly with agility. Running hill repeats will give you power and explosiveness in your legs too! Check out this video to give you an idea of just where to begin! You'll be awakened by the energy from the trainer in this video!

7 Bosu Balls and Other Equipment Help Too

Increase your strength, flexibility, balance and overall body strength with these 5 Bosu ball exercises. These workouts are a great way to get your cardio workout in, better your agility and have a blast. So try these great workouts to get in your best shape starting today!

So tell me, with all these great moves, do you have the eye on the tiger so that you can better your agility? Then follow these workouts to get in your best fitness shape starting now!

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