Exercises to Achieve a Kick-Ass Booty in Bikini Bottoms ...

Do you ever feel like when you are in your swimwear, you are 100% on display to the world? It is almost like everyone in the world is watching your every move, so it is nice to feel poised and confident with a kick ass booty, especially if you are wearing a bikini. So check out the exercises that will help you to do just this and achieve your beautiful bikini booty starting today. You may envision endless squats and countless hours of cardio to achieve this but the good news is this is so not the case. If you follow these interval and targeted exercises, you will see incredible results in just a matter of weeks. What are you waiting for? Let’s stop wishing and start doing!

1. Tone It up and Follow These Booty Beauty Workouts

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In just 12 minutes you can follow this super trainer with great exercises, such as the one leg squat. These exercises are challenging and really target your lower body. Tighten your muscles as you perform each exercise and love your booty after regularly performing this routine!

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