Exercises to Achieve a Kick-Ass Booty in Bikini Bottoms ...


Do you ever feel like when you are in your swimwear, you are 100% on display to the world? It is almost like everyone in the world is watching your every move, so it is nice to feel poised and confident with a kick ass booty, especially if you are wearing a bikini. So check out the exercises that will help you to do just this and achieve your beautiful bikini booty starting today. You may envision endless squats and countless hours of cardio to achieve this but the good news is this is so not the case. If you follow these interval and targeted exercises, you will see incredible results in just a matter of weeks. What are you waiting for? Let’s stop wishing and start doing!

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Tone It up and Follow These Booty Beauty Workouts

In just 12 minutes you can follow this super trainer with great exercises, such as the one leg squat. These exercises are challenging and really target your lower body. Tighten your muscles as you perform each exercise and love your booty after regularly performing this routine!


Get Motivated with These Bikini Beauties

Follow along with these Bravo celeb trainers as they perform numerous compound exercises that work your booty and the muscles around it. This will help you to burn more calories while at rest. These exercises are all amazing and can help you get a rock hard, beautiful booty!


Here is Another Great Workout from Bikini Body Series

Here is one more super effective workout from the Bravo trainers' bikini body series. They combine so many great exercises to work the muscles that work in synergy, you cannot help but notice the amazing burn. These workouts are all great to help you achieve the bikini booty you always wanted. Don’t believe me? Then try it for yourself!


Lunges Are the Ultimate Staple of Booty Workouts

If you watch as I perform the lunges in this video, they truly are one of the best exercises to isolate the larger muscle groups of each leg and they target your booty. So get your leg down to 90 degrees, focus on form and perform 3 sets of 18 lunges on each side. You will be a step closer to your goal of a better booty. Put in the work and reap the benefits as you confidently walk the beach with your bikini booty!


Squats Are a Toned Booty’s Best Friend

Squat yourself to a better butt in just 5 minutes with this super fitness blender workout. No need to spend endless hours doing dead lifts because with 5 minutes a day, you can work your body with specific exercises to tone and target the muscles in your booty. The result will be a toned and tight booty!


Challenge Yourself to This Burn Your Booty Challenge

If you want to challenge yourself and achieve great results, perform this super squat challenge to the song "Call Me Maybe." After this song, you will feel the burn and achieve booty-full results. Feel the burn in your lower half as you work hard to achieve amazing booty results!


One More Squat Challenge for You to Conquer

Our body will only perform as we allow it to so push yourself to achieve amazing booty results with just one more squat challenge. If you want to beat that sag in your butt when wearing your bikini, work your glutes with this video. This will help you achieve the perky, round bikini booty you have always wanted. So drop that body down and get squatting!

With all these kickass workouts, you are sure to have a beautiful booty if you only just allow yourself. So get up, get motivated and get moving! Are you ready for the butt challenge?

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Still got no butt. 😣😢 #asainproblems

Summer is over, but I'm going to start doing these now lol

I love these! I do some of these workouts at the gym & can actually see results! Worth a try!


Let's try!

Personal trainer here... with nice buns... took me months

I am gonna get there !

Here we go again! Time to get our butts back in shape after a winter rest for Christmas & NYE! It's time to get down and do squats!

Try them with weights or ankle weightS...

You want nice buns??

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