7 Excellent Workouts You Can do in Small Spaces ...


Are you limited by space? You may feel like you can’t work out in your home because of that but you can. With these ideas, you’ll feel better equipped to get your workout in. Small spaces don’t have to limit you from living a fit lifestyle.

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Jogging in Place Takes Almost No Room at All

This may not be your favorite way to work out but it will get your heart rate up. It’s a good option when you can’t jog outdoors. Jogging in place takes hardly any room at all. If it seems like a boring way to work out, do something that makes it fun. Catch up on your favorite tv shows or listen to your favorite playlist.


Many Workout DVDs Take Very Little Room

Workout DVDs may be an option for you. They can vary on how much room you need to do them. Not every workout DVD is suitable for small spaces but there are many that are. If you’re concerned about a certain workout DVD, check it out at a movie rental store or try it on Netflix before you purchase it. It may take a little trial and error but you’re sure to find a few options.


Jumping Rope is a Great Way to Get Your Heart Pumping in a Small Space

This takes a bit of space but not a major amount. You can also adjust most jump ropes to take up any excess rope. Another advantage of this exercise is that it costs very little money. Jump ropes can be bought for as little as a dollar. They also take very little space to store.


Strength Training Can Tone You up without Taking Much Space

Weights do take up a bit of room but not too much. Strength training has many benefits. One of those is that it’s been shown to help with weight loss which was formerly thought to only be a benefit of cardio. You can start small and buy more as your endurance increases. It may be something you grow to love.


Exercise Equipment Only Takes up a Small Amount of Space

It’s true that exercise equipment takes up a small amount of space. But it’s only a small amount and you may find that it’s well worth forfeiting that amount. You can get a full workout in for that sacrifice of space. You may even be able to store it when it’s not in use. Exercise equipment provides you a way to get a good workout in without tons of square footage.


Yoga Takes Only as Much Room as Your Yoga Mat

Yoga is an exercise that only requires a small amount of space. If you can unroll your yoga mat then you can do yoga. This exercise is a good choice if you need to work on achieving more flexibility. It can leave you feeling serene which is something most of us could use more of in our life. You don’t have to only choose one of these workouts; choose a few to have variety.


YouTube Has Exactly What You Need in Small Space Workouts

There are actually workouts that are designed specifically for small spaces. YouTube has several. Go to the site and search specifically for small space workouts. This is another option you can use to get your workout in. There’s no reason you have to miss your workout simply because you’re short on space.

These are 7 workout options for small spaces. What ideas do you use to get your workout in a small space? Your answers could help others!

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