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7 Workouts to Achieve Muscle Development in Your Abs ...

By Tara

If you eat healthy, are getting your cardio workouts but still do not see abdominal muscle development, you might wonder what you are missing. Are you performing abdominal exercises? And if you are, the question is if they are the right ones. To achieve amazing abdominal definition you have to put in the work. So put extra energy into your abdominal routine and get ready to achieve the six pack abs that you always wanted. Here are a few incredible workouts that will help you to achieve muscle development in your abs!

1 To Achieve Abdominal Muscles You Got to Work for It

If you want to sculpt and tone your abs you have to work your midsection off for it. Engage your abs as you perform each exercise to make the most out of this exercise. All the workouts in the video are intense but go at your own pace and do what you can. And if you need to modify a workout that is fine as long as you keep it going!

2 Dance Your Abs Strong

Do not be slighted by the sheer thought of working your abs while dancing because it is much tougher than what it appears. Don’t believe me, try it for yourself. Follow along to this cardio abs routine and you will feel the abdominal muscles working. Contract the abs, have fun and focus on getting in your best shape!

3 Bring in the Kettlebells

If you want to see amazing results in strengthening your abs try this great kettle bell workout. Kettle bells are a great way to switch up your workouts and challenge yourself to something greater. Since the weight in a kettle bell is suspended lower it has been proven to work your core even more. So check out this great kettlebell routine and push yourself even more!

4 Bring It up a Notch in Bootcamp

Bring on the abs Bootcamp to put your midsection to the test. In this fitness blender abs and oblique workout, you can get fierce and fit in 15 minutes. In this short duration, you will be amazed of just how challenging it really is. Listen to the direction and tips and perform as many exercises as you can in this super effective routine. Are you ready for the challenge?

5 Work Your Abs While You Stand

You don’t have to lay down to work your abs, there are a multitude of standing abdominal exercises like the ones in this video. If you have a constant supply of energy like I do and laying down is the last thing you want to do, unless you are sleeping; then check out this great routine. Engage your abs and focus on the results you are working to achieve!

6 Check out This Great Core Workout with Casey

Controlled movements are key to great results in all exercises and this video really focuses on this. Fitness instructor Casey leads you with great energy, excellent workouts and it just may be one of the hardest abdominal routines of life. So follow along and keep up with this awesome workout!

7 Stay Standing for Another Great Routine

Not in the mood to lay down for your abdominal routine, well grab a free weight or a medicine ball and follow with this 5 minute routine. This may not seem like a long time to get your workout in but if you engage your abs and tighten your core you can make the most out of these exercises. Use controlled movements and make the most out of this super effective routine!

With all these awesome ab routines, which one will you start with first? Whatever you choose, have fun getting in shape and stay focused on your goals!

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