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23 Fit Butt Infographics That Will Transform Your Derrire and Your Life ...

By Neecey

Have you got a saggy bottom? Does your tush need some TLC? Whether you want to sculpt, tone or plump up those glutes and whether you want a 5 minute or 30 minute routine, a week's or a month's plan, these fit butt infographics will sort you out.

1 Victoria's Secret Model Butt Workout

Victoria's Secret Model Butt WorkoutSource: Get a Beautiful Butt in

2 Plump Your Glutes

Plump Your GlutesSource: Print It, Do It: 30-Day

3 Do This at the Weekend

Do This at the WeekendSource: Try the Pop Physique Craze

4 Memorize It or Print It out

Memorize It or Print It outSource: Slim, Toned and Sexy Lower

5 Use a Stability Ball

Use a Stability BallSource: Firm Your Butt in 6

6 Bubble Butt Exercises

Bubble Butt ExercisesSource: Bubble

7 Booty Kicks

Booty KicksSource: One of the Best Butt

8 30 Day Bum Fitness Challenge

30 Day Bum Fitness ChallengeSource:

9 10-Minute Tush-Toning Pilates Workout

10-Minute Tush-Toning Pilates WorkoutSource: Tighten Your Bootie and Burn

10 3 Step Butt Workout

3 Step Butt WorkoutSource: Try the Pop Physique Craze

11 30-minute Treadmill Butt Workout

30-minute Treadmill Butt WorkoutSource: "Get a Better Butt" Treadmill

12 The Perfect Butt Workout

The Perfect Butt WorkoutSource: Rock Your Bottoms With Our

13 Incline Butt Buster Cardio Routine

Incline Butt Buster Cardio RoutineSource: Incline Butt Buster Cardio Routine

14 12 Week Butt Exercise Routine

12 Week Butt Exercise RoutineSource: Best Butt Exercises for Women

15 14-Day Butt and Core Challenge

14-Day Butt and Core ChallengeSource: Take BuzzFeed’s 14-Day Butt And

16 4 Week Butt Lift Bodyweight Workout Challenge

4 Week Butt Lift Bodyweight Workout ChallengeSource: 4 Week Butt Workout Plan

17 10-minute Butt Firming Workout

10-minute Butt Firming WorkoutSource: 10-minute

18 Build-a-Butt Workshop

Build-a-Butt WorkshopSource: Perk Up Your Derriere With

19 Victoria's Secret Butt Workout

Victoria's Secret Butt WorkoutSource: The Victoria's Secret Butt Workout

20 5-Minute Brazilian Butt Workout

5-Minute Brazilian Butt WorkoutSource: 5-Minute Workout: Brazilian Butt Lift

21 25 Minute Brazilian Booty Workout

25 Minute Brazilian Booty WorkoutSource: Get Better Legs with These

22 Yoga to Rock Your Bikini Bottoms

Yoga to Rock Your Bikini BottomsSource: Yoga to Rock Your Bikini

23 Pilates Butt Workout

Pilates Butt WorkoutSource: How to Use Machines at

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