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Are you looking for some exercises you can do at home so you never have to go to the gym again? If you are tired of the inconvenience of going to the gym or it is just not working with your schedule, then it is time for you to do some at home workouts. At home workouts are great because you can be flexible in the time that you perform them and you need limited equipment. So are you ready to start working? Then check out these exercises you can do at home:

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If you have a treadmill that is super, as this will help you to transform your body without having to leave your house! Just increase the incline so your treadmill is closer in challenge to running outdoors and, if you can, quicken your pace. Short, quick steps are the best way to go when running your way slim! And enjoy this because running is one of the best exercises you can do at home!


Seal Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are one of the timeless exercises that are great to increase your heart rate and burn fat without the need for expensive equipment. So perform 10 minutes of these seal jumping jacks so that you can get a great cardio burn and feel amazing!


Your Own Routine

Create your very own workout routine by doing pushups, jumping jacks, even running in place. Set a stopwatch and perform these exercises for 20-40 minutes to push yourself into achieving amazing results!



Check out a great dancing video that you can perform in your very own home. Dance aerobics are a great way to dance away the fat and enjoy your workouts, without ever having to leave your home. Try to perform this entire video and dance your way to great results!


Lower Body

Perform squats, lunges and other lower body exercises like in this video to slim and sculpt your body. This video is challenging so do as much as you can and if you need to take a break in between, it is okay. It is important to go at your own pace and focus on form.


Upper Body

Work your triceps with the tricep kickback like in this video. Start out with 3 pound weights and work your way up to 10 pounds as you advance and become stronger. Perform this exercise slowly so you do not use the momentum of the weight to lift. And make sure you stay focused by making a mind muscle connection to achieving great results!



To work your abs at home you can begin with a traditional crunch and when you are ready, you can work your way to more intense abdominal workouts like in this video. This video bumps your routine ab exercises to a whole new level and the results will show this. So try these exercises, do what you can and have no fear! Within a short time, you will become stronger and it will be easier to perform ab exercises. It will never be easy but as you get stronger, it will become easier!

With all of these at home workouts, it is time to get off that couch, get up and start making a difference in your life. It is as simple as making the choice to be your best and just doing it! Are you ready to transform your life in your very own home?

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