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People often think the main reasons to take up inline skating have to do with the fact that it’s fun, exciting and just plain cool. And, of course, they're not wrong! But there are many other great reasons to take up inline skating you might not know about. So let’s start exploring them a little further.

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Lots of Possibilities

Probably one of the best reasons to take up inline skating is that it offers you lots of possibilities to have a good time! You can go as slow or fast as you want to, get into creative tricks or aggressive skating, try speed skating contests, skate alone or with friends, and best of all, you can use almost any place and time of the year as your playground. Not to mention that it's a great way to get to school or work pretty fast!


The Social Advantages of Inline Skating

People in a lot of different age groups, from young children to teens and adults simply love inline skating. Whether you’re a schoolgirl looking for new friends or just someone trying to get more social while having fun in the park with friends, inline skating can be a great way to bond and learn together - and look really cool while doing it!


Burning Calories

If you’re trying to lose weight, this is one of the reasons to take up inline skating you might want to pay attention to. An average person weighing 185 lbs can burn up to 311 calories after only 30 minutes of skating around.


Improving Your Balance and Coordination

Inline skating offers you plenty of opportunities to improve your balance and coordination. You can use a squatting position, make various poses while skating, combine single foot balancing challenges with flexibility exercises and much more.


Muscle Building

The anaerobic benefits of inline skating will help you develop healthy pelvic, hip and thigh muscles, while also having an excellent impact on stabilizing lower back and abdominal muscles. What's more, even though this is less obvious, skating can also improve the resilience of your arm and shoulder muscles.


Boosting Self-Confidence

Skating pushes your coordination skills, endurance and balance to their limit, while helping you interact with friends and improve your social skills. All this translates into an improved level of self-confidence that you won’t even realize at first - but it will be there, and you'll love it!



Inline skating is a low-impact physical activity, which means it won’t hurt your joints. But at the same time, it will also help you become more flexible, and you’ll find certain movements to be much easier than ever before, thus helping you with other sports or physical activities as well.


Long Term Aerobic Benefits

You will no longer have to hit the gym so often or jog long hours to get the best aerobic workouts. All you need is a pair of inline skates, and you can skate uphill, go out skating every day, or schedule long distance sessions to improve endurance. The sky is the limit!


Mental Clarity and Stress Reduction

Finally, another one of the best reasons to take up inline skating is that it can improve mental health and focus, while also helping you relieve stress. These advantages are linked to the improved oxygenation of the brain and, of course, to the fun factor itself.

If you’re already into inline skating, I applaud you. If not, I warmly recommend you to try it out and have a little patience until you get the hang of it - nobody was born on roller skates. It's really helped me get fit without even feeling I'm working out. It's just loads and loads of fun! What other advantages can you think of when it comes to this exciting and healthy activity?


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