7 Exercises for Toning Your Upper Thighs ...

Want to tone your upper thighs so you can ditch the longer skirts or stop looking for pants to minimize this trouble area? You only have one life so it is time for you to make the most of it and live it right by getting in your best shape. There are countless exercises to work your lower body, tone your thighs and help you feel stronger. Knowing these exercises and understanding proper form is the best prescription to results. So are you ready to get started? Cool, let’s go! Here are the best exercises to tone your upper thighs:

1. Squat Challenge

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To tone your thighs and achieve great results, perform 10 sets of 10 repetitions of squat variations. Performing this squat challenge is an awesome way to goal set your way to amazing results. Just make sure you focus on proper form with your weight on your heel. Squat your way to tone your upper thighs and strengthen your larger muscle groups!

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