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Want to know the best exercises for a tight butt? You know the women with the perky, toned tush that seem to just be born with perfect booty genetics? Don’t you want to hate them? Well do not be a hater because most of these women work for what they got. And you can work to achieve this too. With the right exercises, you can get a toned, tight and sculpted tush that will make any jeans look amazing and have you feeling super! So are you ready to get started? Then check out these exercises for a tight butt:

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Okay, I am in love with the squat because it is one of the best exercises for a tight butt. I love how you can feel it working as you perform and with the right routine you can be sore for days! Make sure you focus on proper form with your legs straight and as you lower, take the weight in your heels.



The deadlift is an incredible exercise that works your hamstrings and butt. Follow this video for proper form and work your way to 3 sets of 12. Increase weights as you increase strength. And enjoy feeling the burn knowing it is working!


Sumo Squat

Unlike the regular squat where your legs are shoulder width apart, widen your legs like in the video. Lower your body and perform 3 sets of 12 for the best results. And feel great because this exercise targets your butt and inner thighs. You are on your way to great results!



Both front and reverse lunges target the lower body and help to sculpt your butt. If you want a tight, toned and sexy bootie, follow this video and perform 3 sets of 10 for beginners or 3 sets of 18 if you are more advanced.


Kick Outs

The kick out is a great plyometric exercise to target your butt and legs. Follow this great video to help you focus on form. Make sure you stretch well before performing this exercise to avoid a hamstring or glute pull.


Kettle Bell Swings

The kettle bell swing is a great exercise to work your butt and legs. Just make sure you perform this exercise slowly and tighten your abs. One of the biggest mistakes exercisers make is performing this exercise too quickly, so slow it down and feel the fabulous burn! The burn is your body working to achieve great results!


Jump Squat

Jump squats are a major calorie torcher and great way to target your butt. Follow this video to perform the jump squat along with 4 other squats. And make sure you tighten those glutes and focus on what you are working. And, have a blast!

Hope you have enjoyed these great butt exercises that can have you seeing results and feeling amazing in no time! Just remember to eat healthy, get in your cardio workouts and set up a regular routine of performing these great exercises. And if you are feeling like you need some girl support, invite some friends to join in. Create your own support network because two powers or more are always better than one! Are you ready for the sexy butt challenge? Then get your bootie in gear!

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