Get a Tight Butt with These Foolproof Exercises ...

Want to know the best exercises for a tight butt? You know the women with the perky, toned tush that seem to just be born with perfect booty genetics? Don’t you want to hate them? Well do not be a hater because most of these women work for what they got. And you can work to achieve this too. With the right exercises, you can get a toned, tight and sculpted tush that will make any jeans look amazing and have you feeling super! So are you ready to get started? Then check out these exercises for a tight butt:

1. Squat

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Okay, I am in love with the squat because it is one of the best exercises for a tight butt. I love how you can feel it working as you perform and with the right routine you can be sore for days! Make sure you focus on proper form with your legs straight and as you lower, take the weight in your heels.

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