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Flabby to Fit in 5 with These Magical 5-minute Workouts ...

By Jennifer

If you've got five minutes, you've got time to work out! If that sounds too good to be true, keep scrolling - I've gathered 21 fab five-minute workouts to get you from flabby to fit in just a few minutes. To see the entire image, give it a tap. Let's go!

1 5-Minute Morning Yoga Routine

5-Minute Morning Yoga Routine Source: Wake up with Yoga

2 Leaner Legs

Leaner Legs Source:

3 Simple!

Simple! Source: Effortless Weight Loss - Get

4 See Ya Later, SAddlebags!

See Ya Later, SAddlebags! Source: The "See Ya Later, Saddlebags"

5 5-Minute Pilates Abs

5-Minute Pilates Abs Source: Protected Blog › Log in

6 5 Minute Flat Belly Workout

5 Minute Flat Belly Workout Source: Best 5 Minute Ab and

7 Five-minute Ab Workout

Five-minute Ab Workout Source: Sculpt and Strengthen Your Abs

8 Five-minute Arm Toning Plan

Five-minute Arm Toning Plan Source: Quick, Intense, Effective: Your 5-Minute

9 Work Your Core

Work Your Core Source: The Secret to a Flat

10 5 Minutes to Toned Arms

5 Minutes to Toned Arms Source: 24 Fabulous and Fierce Fall

11 5-Minute Workout for Slimmer Inner Thighs

5-Minute Workout for Slimmer Inner Thighs Source: Slim Your Inner Thighs With

12 5-Minute Pre-Shower Workout

5-Minute Pre-Shower Workout Source: 5-Minute Pre-Shower Workout

13 5-Minute Brazilian Butt Workout

5-Minute Brazilian Butt Workout Source: 5-Minute Workout: Brazilian Butt Lift

14 Pre-Cardio Ab Workout

Pre-Cardio Ab Workout Source: Exercise Plays Vital Role Maintaining

15 5-Minute Muffin-Top Workout

5-Minute Muffin-Top Workout Source: The Quickest Muffin-Top Workout

16 Total Body Tone

Total Body Tone Source: Tone Your Entire Body in

17 5 Minute Leg and Booty Shaper

5 Minute Leg and Booty Shaper Source: Fitness Samantha Ford

18 5-Minute do-ANYWHERE Workout

5-Minute do-ANYWHERE Workout Source:

19 This One's Only 3 Minutes!

This One's Only 3 Minutes! Source: 8-Minute No Crunch Ab Burner

20 One Song Workout

One Song Workout Source: One Song Workout: Sugar by

21 For Tank Top Arms

For Tank Top Arms Source: The Ultimate 5-Minute Tank-Top Workout

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