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Okay, so you are shaky and sweaty after a 70-minute treadmill workout and you are wondering if this is all you have to do to get fit and in your best shape. As women, we have been brainwashed by the media that cardio is the cure for saddle bags and eliminating every other trouble zone. Well, my answer to just cardio is yes and no. As a certified trainer, nutritionist and fitness enthusiast, I have learned what works best for my clients and in my own training, which is that balance is essential to fitness success. Cardio is important for burning the calories, but body weight exercises are important as well. So drop everything and try these exercises that every woman should do. These exercises will target the trouble zones that most women have and just make you feel better! So let’s get to it!

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Ironically enough, I just had a squat challenge in my bootcamp class today; 150 squats, cardio along with a host of other body weight exercises were the focus. Squats should be a focus of every woman’s workout because they help to lift and tighten your butt. Want a perky booty? Then follow along with this video.



Lunges are a core component of my workouts, 2-3 days per week. You should definitely integrate lunges into your routine. The focus is on the larger muscle groups and this will help boost your metabolism. So get that leg down to 90 degrees and just lunge. Follow along with me as I guide you in this video! By the way, I promise I did not pick the song in this video!



I absolutely love the plank because this is an ultra-effective exercise for the core and no matter how strong you are, you can always be challenged even more when performing the plank. So follow along with me in this video as I demonstrate proper form for the plank. Remember to hold for as long as you can without putting strain on your lower back.


One Leg Dead Lifts

One leg dead lifts are a staple in my workouts because they target the hamstring, glutes, back and core. If you perform this exercise nice and slow you can also improve your balance. So get focused to get fit and in your best shape yet by following along with this video! This is a must exercise for every woman! Did I mention this exercise can help reduce cellulite?


Tricep Dips

If you're tired of seeing your triceps looking loose and want to see some definition, start integrating tricep dips into your workout. This major muscle group can be targeted by performing tricep dips on a bench or chair. Just make sure to roll your shoulders back and open your chest. Follow along with the tips in this video to perfect your form and make the most out of this exercise!


Push Ups

Anyone that knows me would tell you how much I love push ups! For upper body and core, this is one of the most effective exercises. Add in the back muscles you will work and it is a no brainer to add push ups to your routine. Push ups strengthen your pectoral muscles, which can also help perk up your chest and even make it appear larger. And this is a great exercise because it is a body weight exercise, which requires no weights, and there are many different variations to work different muscle groups. So get down and give me 20 as you follow along with this video!


Step Ups

Ladies, step up your current routine a notch or two with some step ups! You can do this exercise with a step riser or even at a park picnic table. Nice and slow, step up and release as you come down. Tighten your glutes and quads as you step it up and down. Make the most out of this ultra-effective workout!

Now that you have all the must do exercises that every woman should do, are you ready to start working? Well, get focused to get fit and work to be in your best shape yet!

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