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Consistency is a major component to success, so try to regularly eat nutritious meals and exercise week after week. Just try not to overdo it because too much exercise can not only lead to injuries, but it can also cause burnout. This is also one of the major reasons why people who start a fitness program quit before seeing any results. Staying motivated is essential to a healthy lifestyle but try not to forget about moderation, since this is another key component to success. Here are a few helpful tricks to avoid workout burnout that will help you keep your relationship with fitness feeling strong and fresh:

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Don’t Overdo It in the Beginning

To avoid workout burnout, make sure that you don’t overdo it in the beginning. Just ease into it. You can start with just two twenty-minute sessions per week and then build slowly week after week. If your fitness routine represents pain or exhaustion, you might soon abandon it.


Make Minor Changes Often

If you want to avoid boredom, try to make some minor changes in your routine every couple of weeks. Add some new challenges or shuffle the order of the exercises in your workout because every little change will keep things novel and fresh and you’ll avoid workout burnout.


Get outside

If your workouts have begun to make you feel tired or bored, change their location. This might make all the difference in your attitude and it will motivate you to keep going and stick to your routine. In the cold months, hitting the treadmill and weight room is a good idea. In the summer, you should spend some time sweating outside while enjoying the sunshine.


Freshen up the Soundtrack

Use music to stay motivated to work out. Sometimes, even the most monotonous workouts can come to life with the right soundtrack. Freshen up your workout playlist often and make your workout routine far less routine. There are plenty of up-beat songs to choose from that will keep you energized and motivated to keep going, so pick your favorites and add them to your workout playlist.


Reward Yourself

If your workout plan has begun to make you feel tired or bored, try to add some simple rewards. For example, you can promise yourself that you will buy that beautiful pair of shoes or that lovely dress that you want so much, if you stick to your routine the entire month. Just be as inventive as you can and reward yourself for every small success that you attain.


Partner up

What better way stay motivated and avoid workout burnout than by having a workout partner? They will encourage you to keep going when you might think that you are too tired and they will tell you when to stop if you train too hard. Also, your workouts will be more fun and time will pass more quickly with a partner by your side.


Take a Vacation

In order to avoid workout burnout, you should take a week off exercise every 3 or 6 months. A temporary break will not damage your healthy lifestyle; on the contrary, it will help you recharge your batteries and feel more motivated when you return.

If you want to avoid workout burnout you can also try to not do the same workout every session. You could try two or three different workouts per week so that your muscles can relax after each session. Do you know any other helpful tricks to avoid workout burnout? Please tell us about them in the comments section!


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Perfume or a good book are also good rewards & cross-training helps work different muscle groups & alleviate boredom.

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