Pumping Workout Videos for Girls Who Need Some Kick-Ass Motivation ...


Pumping Workout Videos for Girls Who Need Some Kick-Ass Motivation ...
Pumping Workout Videos for Girls Who Need Some Kick-Ass Motivation ...

Get pumped and amped to get in your best shape starting now with this list of workout videos that will motivate you. Sometimes all you need to get in shape is that extra push to get your body moving. If this push comes from a trainer, a song, a video or even an AWS article, go with it. Sometimes all we need is a little fitness inspiration to get the body in motion and then it just keeps going from there. So, check out these workout videos that will motivate you guaranteed!

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Bikini Kettlebell Workout

Want some inspiration for your next workout? Then check out this video of Bravo’s workout series star as she performs a kettlebell fitness routine. This workout is challenging and will help you to work your total body while pumping you up to get your fitness on. So get fit and have a blast with this great workout!


7-Minute Slim down Routine

There is nothing more inspiring and motivating than hearing the sound of the waves as you get your fit on. Not near a beach? No worries, just follow along with this workout, which takes place on a beautiful beach. In this 7-minute workout, you will perform exercises to help you to tighten and tone your body!


Beautiful Yoga Flow

Follow the flow of these yoga exercises to build long, lean muscles that will beautify your body. Not only are the girls and the music in this video motivating but the workouts are great. All these stretches and exercises will help to tone, tighten and strengthen your body. So get into action starting now!


25-Minute Kettlebell Workout

Tone, strengthen, tighten and get in your best shape with this 25-minute kettlebell workout. This workout is high intensity so there are shorts breaks and high heart rate bursts. Make sure you give it your all to make the most out of this great workout so you can get in your best shape. Be inspired to be in your best shape and grab your kettlebell to just go!


Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a fitness newbie, this intense kettlebell routine is the perfect blend of strength and cardio. With exercises that engage every muscle group, you'll feel the burn and see the results. Remember to choose the right weight for your kettlebell; it should be heavy enough to challenge you without compromising your form. Hydrate, crank up your favorite tunes, and immerse yourself in the rhythm of swings, lifts, and squats. After pushing through these heart-pumping minutes, you'll be dripping with sweat but buzzing with endorphins - absolute

*fitness bliss!


Yoga Beautiful Buns Workout

Get fit and be inspired by fitness phenom Denise Austin with this effective yoga routine. In just 30 minutes, you can take some deep cleansing breaths and exhale the stress of your day. Contract and engage the muscles you are targeting to get in your best shape. And follow along, I promise this workout is worth it!


TRX Tough

Trainer Kai Wheeler gets the work done in her video and shows you how to get your fit job done. Follow along, be inspired and replicate the passion she puts into her workout. Tomorrow is never promised, so do it today!


Let Me Motivate You

As your trainer, writer for AWS and fitness enthusiast, I hope this video motivates you to get up and get moving. Every day is a gift so remember this and make your health a priority. You deserve to live a fulfilled life so make the most of every fitness moment.

With all this fit inspiration, get up, get going and get your fit on starting today. Seize the day as you sculpt your body and achieve something more. You deserve to be in your best shape!

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